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  1. thanks for the info and pics Mak, really helped.. I still have not had set my RDF up or used my scope yet, weather has been terrible past week or so, nowt but clouds and rain since I had my scope delivered :-(
  2. I'm 53 and spend 3 hours a night on me PS4, but now I have just got myself a scope hopefully I can spend a few hours a week looking up at the skies, I like that sw 6mm lens by the way,
  3. a BIG thanks for all the very helpful advice and opinions, there is a lot to wade through, I have been reading and re reading the replies and pricing up all the various the eyepieces, there is a few weeks till payday so will take my time and try and figure out what is best, .. most frustrating part is I still have not been able to use my scope been nowt but raining and cloudy here past few nights..
  4. thanks Happy-Kat, them 16mm can get expensive, I found one at £55, a 16mm or a 8mm BST Explorer ED Eyepiece?.. choices choices!..... think I need a few weeks just looking up at the skies with what I have before I decide on other eyepieces and investing more money..
  5. thanks for the helpful replies, wow, so many variations you can use, bit daunting to a total newcomer like me.. would a 1.25" 8mm BST Explorer Dual ED eyepiece Branded "Starguider" be any good instead of buying two cheaper eyepieces? they sell these on ebay for £50.. but I will wait first until I use my scope a few times
  6. thanks Mak, is this the same as the 2xbarlow deluxe, as I have one of those.. I havnt been able to use my scope yet due to bad weather since it arrived on Monday, another guy on youtube was using a 4mm for moon viewing with his Heritage 130p, but the eyepiece viewer was like a pinhole,
  7. Yep another question from me, I have the two standard eyepieces that came with my Heritage 130p, the 10 and 25mm.. I am looking for two more, mainly for getting good close ups of the moon and also one for further away planets.. I saw a video clip on youtube, where a guy, with a Heritage 130p has a great close up view of the moon using a 9.7mm eyepiece, but that don't seem much more difference than my 10mm. I am looking to spend around £20/£25 for each eyepiece.. thanks
  8. thanks for the list linda, just gonna go on Playstore and check them out..
  9. seeing your pic I just went and looked at my Heritage 130, my bar is dead straight, so yours must of took a good whack at some point.. glad your getting a new one tomoz, great service from the supplier.. good luck with the weather, I am planning on taking mine out tomoz for the 1st time, so lets hope the midlands has a few clear hours also
  10. Thanks for the pics and advice BeerMe, and yeah I finally saw the red dot my problem was that the battery cover is loose, and I had to stick some tape over it to make a firm connection with the battery. I will have a go at aligning my RDF with the scope tomorrow during the day, then hopefully tomorrow night I shall set it up outside for the 1st time and take a look at the night sky, weather permitting!
  11. hi, anyone recommend any good Android Apps to help me find the many interesting objects in the night sky? also is there a device that I can use to attach my Samsung phone to my scope, I have a Heritage 130p. thanks
  12. hi happy-kat yeah I managed to find that, just when I 1st got the scope I turned on the RDF (see I am learning) I was expecting to see a light or something.. I will try out the suggestions above later and see If I get any joy
  13. DOH! told you I am a total newbie, thanks for the helpfull replies, I will get the hang of it.........eventually!!
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