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  1. Hi guys, hopefully buying a Vixen VMC200l tomorrow, just wondering whether any of you guys have had any sort or experience with this telescope or know something about it. It comes with a manual EQ5 mount and I could possibly upgrade to a GOTO/tracking mount in the near future for astrophotography, I was just wondering also whether is would be better to get a dual axis motor drive to add on or buy a whole new mount. Any help would be much appreciated! Many thanks, Rob
  2. Hi guys, I am about to purchase my first telescope (the Orion xt10 Classic Donsonian) and I was just hoping to get some advice on some eyepieces and Barlow lenses. Eyepiece and Barlow should be around £120 together please. This was the eyepiece I am thinking of buying, the SWA 70 degree 24mm. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/clearance/sky-watcher-swa-70-eyepieces.html The Barlow lens I am thinking of is this one. It's takes 1.25" and 2" EPs. http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/skywatcher-x2-super-deluxe-ed-barlow-lens-2.html I am wanting to observe DSOs and planets but more to the side of DSOs. If you have any good suggestions of good eyepieces or Barlow lenses I would love to hear your reviews and experiences with your equipment. Any help is much apprexiated. Clear skies, Rob
  3. Hi Gary, I have recently been doing some research and hoping to get a good EP for the money like you are. Hopefully I have done the research so you don't have to. I have found two good EPs and as far as I know they are great for the money (I will link them below). The first is the 'Skywatcher SWA 70 degree 22mm' - for around £85.00. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/clearance/sky-watcher-swa-70-eyepieces.html The second is the 'Explore Scientific 82 degree 24mm' - for around £109 ( a tad more expensive but within reach ) http://www.firstlightoptics.com/explore-scientific-eyepieces/explore-scientific-82-degree-24mm-maxvision-eyepiece.html Just wondering what scope you have because although they go well with most scopes they also compliment my 10" Orion dobsobian really well! Hope this helps and clear skies to you my friend, good hunting buddy. Rob
  4. Hi rockstar, thanks for your suggestion on EPs, this community is so supportive and the people are Great! Thanks!! Update: Rockstar that EP looks stunning, that is actually a really good EP and I might actually buy that! Only £86!
  5. Thank you @gnomus. I think the 12" and the expensive eyepieces are a tad out of my reach for now. After all I am just a beginner and I don't want to go too crazy and I have been saving up for a long time - 15 years old ?. Thanks so much though, that star guide looks good also, I might invest in that!
  6. Haha @gnomus Looks great but my budget is a bit tight. Just to clarify were you being serious or joking? Also because my Dob will have no motor will it be able to support the luminous without dipping?
  7. Ahh, I thought I needed some high magnifications to just about see the main objects. Thank you both for clearing this up for me ? @gnomus And @MattJenko
  8. Okay I understand now. So you would reccomend me to get a EP with a large FOV?
  9. @gnomus Just wondering is that all you need - the 31mm or do you also have a Barlow and some higher magnifications?
  10. @MattJenko I am really looking forward now to exploring the night sky. The things you have seen sound amazing I just can't wait!!
  11. @gnomus The Luminos EPs seem very good, I think I might start my little collection.
  12. @gnomus I too prefer the idea of observing and finding the objects myself, not giving the GOTO hate I just think like you do that when you find something you will stay on it longer and enjoy the results at a greater amount - the THRILL! I will take a look at the links now. Also would you reccomend the Luminous series or the X-Cel?
  13. @Dave In Vermont thanks for your help Dave. I will take your information and use it wisely and learn with the Collimation cap. Best wishes, clear skies. Rob
  14. @swamp thing thanks for your reply, I have a few crystal clear sights that are pitch black in mind. Thank you for informing me of this possible problem. Best wishes Rob ?
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