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  1. Parked the car in Prince Bishop's car park Durham city, left the keys in the ignition, went to ticket machine, got ticket only to find I'd put the lock on the door before I closed it. Went to the attendant to explain the situation, he let me use the telephone so I could phone my cousin who had my spare house key. Told him where my spare car keys were. He drove 15 miles to bring me that key. Never lived it down since.
  2. One thing you could do is get in touch with a school and ask if they'be interested in having them in the school library, you never know it could spark a youngster's interest in the subject.
  3. Excluding the Royal Astronomical Society and the BAA, I was wondering where the oldest astronomical society is?
  4. Thank you for welcoming me to the forum.
  5. Hi hello, how are you? My name is Anthony aka Clipper Stargazer, which I've taken from the name of one of the fleet of the now defunct Pan American World Airaways. I've been interested in Astronomy since I was a kid, which was eons ago. At the tender age of 14 I joined my local astro soc, little did I know then that one day I'd end up being its secretary. My interest has and always will be the moon, I much prefer to use binoculars rather than a telescope and as I tend to do a lot of nocturnal driving I find these more convenient to put in a car than a telescope. Anyway, I live in retirement accommodation where space is rather limited so storage for a telescope would be a problem. What's even worse is the home is situated near a major road which suffers from an over abundance of street lighting. No need for me to tell you what that means. My other interests are movies, aviation aka plane spotting, amateur and hospital radio. I like ambient music, some of which I find appropriate when I'm stargazing. My favorite artist is Magnus Burgerson aka Solar Fields. I have most of his works on CD, which I listen to when driving. When I stop at some place to do a bit of stargazing where there is little population I'll zonk up the volume. Not much more to tell you. May your nights be clear and your observations fruitful. Anthony
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