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  1. I will add more frames to the Animation when iam not so tired should be a few more too add... Speeds suggest to me at least it could be...Further investigation needed me thinks :shock: Cheers James
  2. Whilst imaging M31 the other it seems i have caught something that resembles or could be an Asteroid flying past near by the Core of M31.. Exposures used in the Movie were 30 secs and 15 secs, not knowing at the time this was going on there are breaks inbetween the frames up too a Min so whatever it is Asteroid or Not it took it's time to go by.. Editted in Image Plus from the Gif File, Cropped frames in Photoshop. Click the Link Below to see the Gif file.... http://stargazerslounge.co.uk/uploads/JamesDysonM31Asteroidmaybe.gif
  3. OXO

    Comet Swan

    Hey don't knock it Kain that's a pretty good Sketch mate and Congrats on your first Comet Highly Successful i would say Kain James
  4. OXO


    Don't blame you Gordon, ive just loaded up some M31 images from the other day and spotted what i think ive captured an Asteroid passing close by the Core of M31 (Yet Confirmed) so i will be playing with those few frames this evening.. James(Fingers tightly crossed)
  5. Nice image Phil, just saved ya image(original one) to disc i'll have a play later, can see the tail
  6. Superb Janus The Cassini spacecraft provides this dramatic portrait of Janus against the cloud-streaked backdrop of Saturn. Like many small bodies in the solar system, Janus (181 kilometers, or 113 miles across) is potato-shaped with many craters, and the moon has a surface that looks as though it has been smoothed by some process. Like Pandora (see Pandora's Color Close-up) and Telesto (see A Closer Look at Telesto), Janus may be covered with a mantle of fine dust-sized, icy material. The image was taken using a spectral filter sensitive to wavelengths of infrared light centered at 930 nanometers. The view was acquired with the Cassini spacecraft narrow-angle camera on Sept. 25, 2006 at a distance of approximately 145,000 kilometers (90,000 miles) from Janus and at a Sun-Janus-spacecraft, or phase, angle of 62 degrees. North on Saturn is up. Image scale is 871 meters (2,858 feet) per pixel. http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/multimedia/images/image-details.cfm?imageID=2337 8)
  7. Nasa to decide Hubble's fate The US space agency (Nasa) is to debate whether to send astronauts on a mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. Without another servicing call by shuttle astronauts, Hubble is expected to last another two to three years. At the crux of this is whether to risk flying astronauts on the shuttle without the International Space Station available as an emergency shelter. Nasa set up the station as an orbital safe haven after the Columbia shuttle broke apart on re-entry in 2003. Columbia's heat shield was damaged unknowingly during launch. The shuttles cannot fly from Hubble's orbit to reach the station, so if a Hubble repair crew's ship was too damaged to safely fly home, Nasa has little time to mount a rescue before the shuttle's power runs out. 'Do-able thing' "A lot of things are lining up that says Hubble is going to be a do-able kind of thing," said deputy shuttle program manager John Shannon. "The real question on Hubble is going to be the launch-on-need. You just don't have the orbital lifetime on a Hubble mission to be able to get another vehicle launched. It's going to be very tough." "We're going to have to go into the Hubble decision not counting on the launch-on-need vehicle," Mr Shannon added. "That's the difficult question the agency's going to have." If the mission is approved, astronauts will add two new science instruments and replace the telescope's batteries and gyroscopes, which are used to point and position the observatory. The improvements and upgrades should extend Hubble's orbital lifetime to at least 2013, Nasa says. Since the accident, Nasa has made three shuttle flights to test post-Columbia safety and design changes and to resume space station assembly. The tests bode well for a Hubble flight, with astronauts successfully demonstrating how the shuttle's robot arm and a new extension boom could be used for thorough heat shield inspections during flight. I won't be impressed if they decide not to give Hubble more life........
  8. OXO


    Good luck Gordon with the Scope hope you report how ya get one with it
  9. OXO


    Hope the Forecast is right Kain, fancy getting M31 again(imaging) but getting it right this time well depending on seeing etc etc.. Comet Swan id love too but it's beyond my vision at my observing location, good luck with that Kain James
  10. Welcome to the forum! James
  11. I dunno try playing at 200 mile n hour sounds like slayer on a good day
  12. Hey what about the 5th Dimension?
  13. Your Welcome Col, and best of luck! James
  14. One other thing do you have a Remote for your Canon? I ask because it will stop Camera Shake if your using the Shutter Button with your finger, if not use the Self Timer option James
  15. Don't use an eyepiece Col, unscrewing the 'Barlows' Lens is all that is needed unless you want a close up then just leave it as is NO don't use any eyepiece Col This in effect will be Prime Focus Astrophotography ... James
  16. Hi Col, Here's some pics with labels so you know what iam talking about Firstly do you have a Barlow with a T-Thread on like in the Photo? normally come with skywatcher scopes and these are 1.25" ? As you can see from the fninal image it's an easy config, you just place the barlow into your 1.25" focuser and your ready to begin imaging(after focus etc etc).. With this Barlow and many others you can un screw the lens from it that way you get a bigger FOV (Wider view)..
  17. Hi Col, When you were imaging M31 using the eyepiece may of been the problem, if you can next time just use your adapter at Prime Focus with an eyepiece, i never use an EP and i suspect if i tried i certainly wouldn't be able to get focus with my scopes.. Prime Focus using the Scope as a big Telephoto Lens, if you adapter doesn't fit into you focuser then you will need a 2" T-Adapter if you have a 2" Focuser? James
  18. :) It's a Barsteward to get right M31, for some reason i always seem to miss details along the right of M31 even using higher exposures. Iam sure we will both crack it though Martin
  19. Does the V2 handset come as standed with the New HEQ5 mounts Bern? Cheers James
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