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  1. Tuvix

    Hi from Croatia

    Thanks to all for your warm welcome!
  2. tnx to all for your help! I forgot to say that my telescope is on a equatorial mount. So ok, I understand, no more buying. I need to explore this what I have already. I will probably have to buy bags for my telescope if I want to transport it, right? Those links are great, so much information. tnx to you all For example I understand that my telescope is better for planets, but will I be able to get a good look at Andromeda galaxy or the Crab nebula, I mean, will I be able to see them, or should I avoid them? I should probably use the 32 mm eyepiece, right? Is this the topic about eyepieces: Yes, observing from balcony is problematic, the roof is always in its way when I want to observe Andromeda or something more to the north, and the light pollution is a big problem. But I will got maybe to Risnjak, or Ucka. I will look up maybe on some local forums or web sites if there are any suggestions where to go.
  3. Tnx very much for your advice. I already use Stellarium, it is great. I have now experience with planets, I have seen Mars, Jupiter and Saturn many times, but still I am unable to get a good look at Venus. I was thinking maybe to get some color filters. Still I am mostly unable to find any deep sky objects. :/ The red dot finder is no help, and I was only able to observe some double stars, the Pleiades and Orion Nebula. I always observe the sky from my balcony, and here we have light pollution. In a month or more I will be able to bring my telescope to the rural area, even maybe to a nearby natural park, so I hope I will see more. Is there maybe any list of objects that can be seen or better seen with an UHC filter, and btw is that Castell UHC filter any good? I mean, I tried it two times and, hm I did not see much of a difference. Maybe I was looking wrong? Tnx
  4. I have a Sky-Watcher Maksutov telescope 127/1500. It cam with two Sky-Watcher eyepieces, one SUPER 25 mm, and one SUPER 10 mm. In the meantime I bought a GSO 2x Barlow Lens and a Sky-Watcher Super Plossl 32 mm. Also I have one Castell UHC Deep Sky Filter. Also I have a red dot finder, it came with the telescope. So my question is if you could give me any advice how to use my telescope. What are the best eyepieces I can/should use with my telescope, and also what filters should I buy. Any help would be great.
  5. Tuvix

    Hi from Croatia

    I have just created a profile. I am just in the beginning of amateur astronomy, hoping to get some good advice, and one day be able to give advice to others. Greetings
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