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  1. My latest deal with FLO

    Ordered a new Skywatcher 250px Flex Tube, Astrozap shroud, Rigel finder and a Moonlite focuser installation kit from FLO late afternoon on a Friday. No problems with the website at all, very easy to use, well apart from me forgetting what my user account password was – but even that was easy to resolve!

    Received an email on the next Monday to say everything was being dispatched: The scope from the supplier and all the other items from FLO themselves. Fedex tracking details given for both deliveries.

    Fedex van delivered all the items on the next day, all very well packaged and all intact.

    Obviously I unpacked and commenced assembly straight away!

    Just need to check collimation and await clear skies now!

    Lovely looking scope and a really smooth and fast job from FLO!

    I emailed them to confirm the delivery and received a nice reply from Martin the next morning.

    Thanks so much for a brilliant service!



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  2. Agreed, they are expensive for what they consist of and how they are made, but I do find mine very useful to have. I used to use a Baader Skysurfer V, which was much better made from metal and felt like a real quality item, however I just didn't find it great to use - some people do mind you!

    Telrads do dew up, most finder-scopes will tbh. You can get little dew shields for them, again expensive for what they are, but they do help, a little.


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