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  1. Lol, looks to be mate.....pretty pointless unless we get some cryogenic freezing going on.
  2. Really wish i understood your links lol. Everytime you post them i have a nose, look down it and thing "What on earth does all this mean?"
  3. Keep the orion, upgrade the focuser via FirstlightOptics and get a Moonlight focuser to fit. That scope will beat the etx125. Goto sounds fun, but to be honest, i would rather know where i am looking without automatic goto....seems like cheating a little?
  4. I apologise for this quote, but tommy cooper comes to mind "Just like that!" lol. In all honesty i still think it is all speculation. There are plenty of theories and even though its believed that it all comes from a singularity, much like anyone else, its hard to percieve. There is proof of expansion, but im not even sure if those figures are correct in a sense that as soon as you step off the earth, there are more than one variable in observations on all levels and there are also the unknowns and the known unknowns to contend with. Although i really enjoy seeing pictures of the deepest depths of space and time, it would be nicer to see more work done to understand those things that are a hell of a lot closer. We are now seeing a boost in this area, thankfully... lets hope it continues. As for how did it explode, perhaps there were pockets of newly emerging forces that caused an explosion at the speed of light, then eventually when things settled, the dust and particles made suns and so on....gravity may have found its enemy in the heart of a singularity- anti gravity?. This is all speculation, im that flumuxed by the amount of different so called explinations that it seems just as easy to make up my own lol.
  5. I recently paid out for Sky Voyager on the iPhone, same sorta thing tbh, not as detailed and content packed as starmap pro. Hope this makes it onto iPhone...would love to see a side by side comparison, with starmap pro and sky voyager.
  6. Probably one of the nicest moons i've seen in a long time
  7. Sounds plausable, still unsure on what the effects might be if there is not enough pumped back in. Also what sort of effect this would have with regards to corrosion? Would water no contain elements that would cause more damage?
  8. Given todays urgent needs for oil and the ever depleting stocks, i set about wondering exactly what unexpected consequences would come from what these companies are doing? My question is what will be the after effects of removing what was once sandwiched inbetween 2 solid surfaces, a compressed and fermented treacle. Is this not supporting the layers of earth above? Will removing all the oil reduce support for the layers above and thus result in more earthquake and movement in the crust? Sorry if its a noobie conclusion/question. But to me, if you remove something that is under enough pressure to spuirt from the ground, then surely its under pressure as its supporting something? thus no support and eventual collapses in area's where its weaker?
  9. Both of mine love nothing better than cruising around stellarium. My Daughter who is 5 can easily spot the constellation of orion and name it in the nite sky. She also knows betelguese, and that the horses head is on the left of orions belt and in the sword is her favourite, the great nebula in orion. She takes it in so much that she's been drawing loads of planets and stars and telling all the teachers about them and how she has seen the moon up close through daddys big telescope. My son is 8, he's much the same as my daughter only i have gotten him a scope for his birthday last year and a few books, he's decorated his bedroom with glow in the dark stars and planets with some nice posters of Mars, not forgetting his Pale Blue Dot poster He has been out with me on many nites viewing the stars and i can only hope for many more to come. Although being a little older he knows a few more galaxy names and constellations....but my daughter is catching up lol, she knows cassiopeia now, theres no stopping her. So, don't underestimate what kids take in. Especially at a younger age they just soak it up, it helps that they like to thing grande, without boundaries and willing to ask why....seems like the older we get, the more people forget to ask why and actually seek affirmation or correction and insight into the things from whence we came
  10. Arghaghaghahgaghaghahghga RED all i see is REDDDDDD.. As you can guess, although im not in the thick of it, no chance of observing from my home due to 2 lamppost directly outside (which wont' be getting switched off due to them being near steps.). Thankfully brecon aint far away
  11. I really like that mate, horsehead and flame nicely visible and runningman too M42 looks lovely
  12. NM launch attempt is being scrubbed due to wind.
  13. If you head to Nasa tv now, you can view the launch due to lift off at 4:26pm
  14. Yfronto, if you decide to go the full hog and decide on selling up your rajiva modded board and conrad motors then let me know Im not sure if mine has conrad motors and im still awaiting the usb to serial adaptor to get it hooked to pc. Goodluck on your search although tbh, i would rather spend the £300 on a new scope for imaging. Vibration could be down to loose screws holding the motor causing it to vibrate against the mount insides?
  15. Best of luck with the op, hope all goes well and your recovering nicely whilst sat in the warm room of your observatory with a cuppa n some nice skys to view
  16. Moving the primary up the tube has more of an effect on the focus point than the secondary i should imagine. I have the 250px as i mentioned earlier but it had the old R&P focuser which i swapped out for a moonlite. If you have moved the primary upwards then this will change the focusing point for that 10mm and as such you would require more outward focus. Now, if you adjust the secondary it will have a small effect on focus, but i shouldn't imagine a great deal if the secondary is actually located central in the collicap. Don't yank the focuser out, chances are as that is a lowpf crayford, it probably has little outward travel and you dun wanna break it lol.
  17. I have the Maxdslr adapter from flo which i use with my moonlite focuser on my 250px which is f5 i believe. Would i need to buy another adapter to use this with my 1000d?
  18. Sorry, i meant a 2" - 1.25" adapter. Then realised that you would need a 2" extender to go inbetween. If your finding there is not enough outward travel on the focuser tube then and extension is what is needed
  19. I am wondering if that is a lower profile focuser, so in that case you should have been supplied with a 2" extension tube which you would put your eyepieces into. This would then allow sufficient back-focus. Without it there, you would not get focus due to not enough outward travel. The reason I say this is that I have recently upgraded my focuser on my 250px due to lack of inward travel for a DSLR to focus properly. But in doing so I also noticed that I was no longer able to focus with me eyepieces, so had to rack them out a little or use a barlow without it's lense.
  20. If you want to image with the 250PX, then you will have to upgrade the focuser to allow greater inward focus for imaging....i got a 2nd hand moonlite as i have the same scope and it works a treat, just need dovetail and ota rings now to mount it to the eq6.
  21. Smallest one's are locking screws, bigger one's are collimation Looking forward to seeing some images
  22. Try Cardboard Tubes Essex Tube Windings Manufacturer Tube diameters up to 656mm
  23. No worries doll, skywatcher site has most the manuals for it's products in the support downloads section. Easy to miss if you aint used to searching for manuals and guides online. Happy Chilling and hope you get the chance to get gazing sometime soon Chris.
  24. Im not sure, but i think this may help you http://www.skywatchertelescope.net/swtsupport/Instruction_Manuals/GT020609V3-03.05.pdf
  25. I understand what your saying mate, don't get me wrong, it's good to have the reality check, especially in this field as expectations are often twarted by some technological hitch and if it aint that its the damn weather! But looking at that persons post, they already have a 40d and im guessing some lenses. What lenses does this person already have? would any by any chance be of the apo type with a long focal length? if so then even a mount to track manually would get something decent. I've been out with my 1000d on these past few clear nites, got a nice piccie of the moon through my scope, and whilst testing that out i took some images of m42, i haven't had time to do anything with them, but even so, mounted on a non tracking 10" dob, i was over the moon with what the camera picked up. I know that if i want better then i'll have to save and get more equipment, but even just taking widefield shots, viewing through a scope and possibly a cheap webcam recording images of the planets, is enough for the time being. Theres a hell of a lot of information to go through and taking your time is obviously key. I just think it would be easier sometimes if people looked back to when they were just starting out and advise on the best possible options instead of just posting a couple of lines basically saying "don't bother unless you have loads of cash". One such option being, find an astronomical society near you. You may find some there who are able to advise you and maybe help you out on your quests. There are others who could probably advise better on a budget imaging scope but there are deals to be had on this forum as well as astro buy n sell. For a budget of £400 you should be able to pick up a skywatcher equinox 66/Orion ED80 or similiar and eq5/heq5 second hand. You will need an adaptor to fit camera to scope which will set you back about £30-ish. Cheap modified webcam, toucam, spc900nc,quickcam 3000/4000 pro about £50-£75 if you want to do planetry. Thats just a rough idea, as i said, there are a few here who can put you onto decent budget equipment, but don't expect miracles
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