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  1. I would probably go for a 2nd hand, ebay cannon 1000d or 450d, if you can get one. Everybody reckons they are great cameras, the 1000d being slightly cheaper, but both have Liveview, which is a must. si
  2. Just to add to the debate. Setup the other night the 8 se on it's new wedge. Aligned the wedge/scope pointing directly to Polaris. And then did a EQ North Two star align on Mizar (The plough) and Rigel (Orion). Once setup tried to find some deepsky objects, found the Horsehead first time and found Mars first time as well. So all in all the wedge was worth it and very easy to setup and align. I would totally recommend one. si
  3. :D:D Your the first person to pick up on that..... It's for my lego telescope:D:D that action man uses. Suppose i'll have to change it now:rolleyes: si
  4. Got me 102T Skywatcher Star traveller and a 6" Orion Europa, so I can chop and change. At the end of the day I can always, guide with the 8se and try some images with the f5 102T attached to it;) si
  5. I'm in Eynsford near sevenoaks, so the skys are a bit darker than the London ones, but the moon is a pain, as well as the cloud and the snow showers:eek: si
  6. Yeah thanks, I have read this, but after paying out £650 for a 2nd hand 8se, want to try and get the damn thing working before I give up. £700 is a bit much for a new EQ goto mount for it at the mo. si
  7. Yep have fun with it, get the goto working perfectly first, this is a black art in it's self. If you live in the Northern hem then Mars looks cool at the mo, so does the moon and Orion looks pretty good when the moon has gone. Try the 2 star align, never seems to fail me. And then take the tour on the mount. You might even see the tiny little ring on the ring nebula. Happy hunting. si
  8. Loads of money though, that's why I putting mine on a concrete pier in a garden observatory and trying to stick with it. si
  9. Totally agree with brian here, even with my 8se I have a 2x and a 3x barlow and hardly ever use them, they make the image to dark, also have a 6.25mm which i never use either. For viewing the images look miles better with a 25mm and a 40mm. Will be using them on my guide scope 102t which i believe is f5 so should be better. Oh yes try and get a 6se with the field tripod with a built in wedge, might help you a little if you want to take some photos in the future. si
  10. Me I got me Skywatcher 102T, my new guidescope. I got the book The Backyard Astronomer's Guide 3rd edition I also got 2x 2010 Stargazers' Almanac 2010: Monthly Guide to the Stars and Planets (Calendar) 2 x OAS Calenders 1 x Lenovo G550 Laptop. So I am well happy
  11. Use my Nixon D40, and got great images of the moon, also Jupiter looks cool with the moons all showing. Use a neximage for closer shots of the Planets, I got ok shots of Jupiter showing some clouds. Using a Meade LPI for tracking. If your tripod has got a wedge your in luck, but if not try and get a wedge for it, you can always use the wedge afterwards for a bigger scope. This allows you to take slightly longer exposures with a DSLR camera (30secs-45secs) and then stack them with software. Wedge new is £200+, but if your lucky get one on here for £60!!!! I was lucky. Or if your good with wood make your own. Cheapest DSLR option is a 2nd hand, ebay cannon 350d (£150-£200) or if you want live view 1000d,450d (£300-£450). Webcam option (for planets) I would go for the neximage ebay new(about £65-£80) software is very user friendly and it is very good. si
  12. I have a spare EQ mount that holds a 6"Reflector, I see that you are mid kent, I'm north kent Dartford area, could always pop down or you could pop up for a helping hand. Failing that come alone to a Orpington AS observing night and then you will get 15 people all helping you out. si
  13. No probs with my 8se on 2 star align, even with my new wedge, using the EQ North alignment. If you are south london/North Kent could always pop round and help. si
  14. I would get use to using the scope and all the fun the goto brings:eek: first. And then worry about lens etc afterwards, what lens are you getting with the scope? si
  15. I usually align, using the manual 2 star align on Polaris and Vega, never had a problem finding anything else. I usually have to reset the date/time but then align on the two stars above, no probs. si
  16. My dad is after a new laptop, I have a good idea what I will source for him but wanted some view from you guys. Budget £800-£900 Spec lots of memory, nice big hard disk, Want to duel boot the laptop, into two different operating systems. Widescreen, doesn't matter that the laptop is not that portable. DVD writer as normal. He doesn't play games, but wants something that is really quick, ie boot up quick. He also uses a virtual session from his work at home, so needs enough guts to run quick. I can buy duty free as well if needed si
  17. Try this http://www.orpington-astronomy.org.uk/ Let's of friendly members, we run 10ish Deep Sky Camps each year to the kent area, have loads of guest talkers at the monthly meetings, do imaging sessions every month... etc etc.... lots of experienced people and friendly. Put it this way, I have just got a 9"x 4foot tube, for casting my concrete pier as well as 6 rods for reinforcement all for nothing... coooool si
  18. Here is a review of the first scope, as u can see it is a very small table top scope. Celestron FirstScope Telescope Review, Buy the Celestron FirstScope, Free Delivery si
  19. Try this link. This is a 3" reflector at a pretty good price, you can't get much cheaper than this though. Skywatcher Newtonian Reflectors Although I did read that this firstscope got an excellent review last month in Astronomy mag. si
  20. Just found this on ebay, again not very big mirror, but a cheap goto at £172. SKYWATCHER MERCURY-70 f/700 SYNSCAN GO-TO TELESCOPE on eBay (end time 08-Jan-10 23:52:29 GMT) My two boys love looking at the moon and Jupiter, they have use my 6" Orion Europa, Which I got off ebay a while back and they love it. si
  21. Or one of these. Smaller mirror though. SKYWATCHER EVOSTAR-90 (AZ3) TELESCOPE 90mm (3.5") f/900 REFRACTOR £130.00 Magnifications (with eyepieces supplied): x36 & x90 Highest Practical Power (Potential): x180 Objective Lens Diameter: 90mm Telescope Focal Length: 900mm (f/10) Eyepieces Supplied (1.25"): 10mm & 25mm 6x30 Finderscope 45° Erect Image Diagonal 1.25" Multi-Coated Objective Lens AZ3 Deluxe Alt-Azimuth Mount Aluminium Tripod with Accessory Tray 65% more Light Gathering than 70mm from sherwoods photo Now we are gonna get into reflector or refractor debate I would buy second hand off ebay or on this site.... Go for a decent name, Celestron, Skywatcher, Orion etc si
  22. I have got one of these coming as a xmas present, can't wait for santa, I hope it is the Black tube one, not keen on the Blue tubbed one. I am gonna use it as a guidescope, to my Nexstar, but will probably do viewings on the moon and planets with it as well, as the nexstar needs to be focal reduced..... Will let you know how I get on with it si
  23. Welcome Andy from yet another Kent viewer, I'm from Eynsford, which is quite dark. If you ever get enough of a taste of this hobby to buy a scope, you can always pop around and have a look through a couple of mine. It might give you a good idea as to what you can see through various scopes. Sorry there are a lot of Dob members out there, but I haven't go one...... yet! But i have got a, Celestron 8" Goto Nexstar Sct 6" Orion Europa reflector Skywatcher 4" Refractor, used as a guide scope. All in a nice long garden. Cheers Si
  24. "What do I look at first" If you live in Kent then it is CLOUDS:eek: si
  25. Just my two pennies worth, have u thought about second hand, Cause I bought my 2 yr old Nextsar 8 SE XLT for £550, in original box and used twice. It is perfect nick and I thought it was a bargin. Some guy got it for his 40th birthday and hardly used it:D si
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