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  1. I keep the telescope in a conservatory, it was only a couple of degrees different from outside temperature, however when I saw how poor the view was, I went inside for an hour to let it cool. It made little difference. The GP-DX mount is driven by a dual axis controller.. so that helps with the wobble. Focussing is manual, so that could be a problem.. will have to look into an electronic focusser, any recommendations? The scope is a British Orion, GP250 or something like that, can't remember the model number right now, and i'm not at home so can't check the paperwork. I'm aware a f6.3 scope isn't ideal for deep space, however - for now, I will be happy to deal with the moon and planets such as Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. As the telescope was inherited, there wasn't any choice in specs. Thanks everyone for the hints & tips, keep them coming! /ns
  2. At last a clear night! Have had the Orion 250mm f/6.3 for almost 3 weeks now (It's a relatively old scope, manufactured around 1996) I've been like a kid at Christmas waiting for a clear night. I'm actually a little disappointed, was maybe expecting more than I should. With a Vixen 10mm LV eyepiece Jupiter was quite blurred, but the 4 moons were quite clear. The OTA was a little shaky, causing the image to wobble. A couple of questions, M45 was quite clear as were Jupiter's moons, but Jupiter wasn't - does this indicate anything? Wobble on the gp-dx mount, could this be something to do with the alignment? (I didn't polar align it, yes.. I was in a hurry and wanted to see stuff!) Any suggestions what to look at? My main ambition is astrophotography with my Canon 350D but I want to be able to see things clearly before trying to complicate things by adding a camera. I'm a total newbie here, so go easy!
  3. Just about ready to connect up the DD-1/MT-1 combination (two motors) but was wondering how much current I need to supply to the controller? I have several power supplies, but not sure if they can provide enough current. Thanks Pete
  4. Thanks Harry, Just need to work out which one I need to use now! Documentation just says it's a SX
  5. I am trying to locate Starlight Express SX CCD camera software for the paralell port version - the website does not appear to have a software download section, and there are no other sites around the 'net that I can see. I emailed the company but to date haven't managed to get the software from them. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, I have been searching for the skysensor 2000 today, but can't find anywhere selling them!! Are they still available? Thanks
  7. Hi Can someone please advise on best value for money / easy to use computer control kit for a Vixen GP-DX mount which is currently set up to use the DD-1 dual axis controller? Ideally I would like to be able to track low earth orbit satellites with it. The mount is holding an Orion GP250 10" f6.3 scope. Thanks in advance
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