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  1. WonderStar

    Celestron C8 XLT

    Is this still for sale and would you be prepared to post? Thanks Steve
  2. WonderStar

    M33 Triangulum

    Nice image :-)
  3. WonderStar

    M42-M43 and the running man from last night

    Very nice :-)
  4. WonderStar

    Orion & Running Man Nebs

    Thank you :-)
  5. WonderStar

    Orion & Running Man Nebs

    Thanks Trevor. The red halo around Hatsya. I get this on most bright stars, it's annoying, but I guess deeper pockets are required if I want perfection :-)
  6. WonderStar

    Orion & Running Man Nebs

    Thank you :-)
  7. WonderStar

    Orion & Running Man Nebs

    Thank you Robin, I had to crop tight due to stacking artifacts :-)
  8. Very nice, one on my very long list of to do's :-)
  9. WonderStar

    Rosette Nebula Ha OIII Bi colour

    Very nice :-)
  10. WonderStar

    Orion & Running Man Nebs

    Morning all :-) Yep it's the Orion neb and co again but what a beautiful sight eh? Around 9 hrs total exposure time at ISO 400 and taken with a Skywatcher 80ED-ds pro, Canon 700da, HEQ5 mount on a home made pier. Can't seem to get rid of the bloat on the brighter stars. Maybe I need to check my scopes alignment? Anyway, for a newbie I'm pleased with the results. :-) Feedback more than welcome. Clear skies Steve
  11. Hi all Bit of a strange one this. I use a QHY 5 mono II for guiding though PHD 2. When adjusting the gain (which is set to 12% as default ) via PHD nothing happens. and my average snr remains at around 11 on the brighter stars. When performing say a polar alignment in Sharpcap the camera works perfectly and i can see plenty of stars. Now I've noticed that if I adjust the gain within Sharpcap, close the program then open PHD and connect as normal there is a huge increase in gain and star snr averages around 30. Adjusting gain within PHD though still has no effect. Has anyone else had this problem, could it be a Ascom driver issue? Steve
  12. WonderStar

    bit of a nightmare last night

    Dew strips are what you need as a dew shield/lens hood will only slow but not stop dew from forming. Hand warmers can work well also. As regards to battery power I use a battery AC adapter, something like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nikon-EP-5A-Adapter-Connector-EH-5A/dp/B003ZYF3MS Steve
  13. WonderStar

    New Year Big Moon :-)

    Morning all and a happy new year to all :-) So, with a gap in the clouds I was able to get a decent shot of our nearest & dearest. 4 shots stitched in Photoshop, Skywatcher 80ED-DS, 2.25 barlow, modded Canon 700d :-) Clear skies Steve
  14. WonderStar

    20 minutes Rosette

    Great image for a 20 min session :-)

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