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  1. Hello Robin, I have been attempting to write some scripts and have seen some success for controlling my ASI1600MM-C. I have written a simple one that takes a number of frames at an increasing number of exposure times to test linearity of the camera. Most of the captures work however, seemingly randomly, I get an error that indicates the capture file name extension doesn't match the output format. It is a very strange error. Here is the script: import time SharpCap.SelectedCamera.RestartPreview() numOfExposures = 2 exposureTimes = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8] gains = [200] def linearityTest(numOfExposures, exposureTimes, gains): print "----------------------" print "Running linearity test" print "----------------------" for gain in gains: print "Setting gain to %d" % gain SharpCap.SelectedCamera.Controls.Gain.Value = gain for exposure in exposures: print "Setting exposure to %d" % exposure SharpCap.SelectedCamera.Controls.OutputFormat.Value = 'FITS files (*.fits)' SharpCap.SelectedCamera.Controls.Exposure.Automatic = False SharpCap.SelectedCamera.Controls.Exposure.Value = exposure time.sleep(0.1) for i in range(numOfExposures): SharpCap.SelectedCamera.CaptureSingleFrameTo("d:\\linearityData\capture-%d-%d-%d.fits" % (gain, exposure, i)) time.sleep(1) linearityTest(numOfExposures, exposureTimes, gains) Nothing seems particularly strange to me, my only thought is it has to do with waiting a proper amount of time before or after an exposure? Also, is there a way to change the offset of a camera via scripting? I took a look at controls (print SharpCap.SelectedCamera.Controls) and didn't see anything for offset. Chris
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