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  1. Thanks everyone for the links, I do find them very useful being new to all this. Although I don't know if I'll get the chance to check them out with all the clear skies at the moment!
  2. Thanks for the reply and also the link which will come in handy when viewing Jupiter in the future. I was actually trying to find out about when the moons eclipse each other, which I believe is called a Mutual Event (I'm learning all the time). I've done a little research and believe the last of these eclipses were last April so looks like I've missed them. Just have to wait another six years apparently.
  3. First view of the space station for my six year old tonight as well. So many questions at that age...
  4. Just come in from viewing Jupiter and picked up Turn Left At Orion for a bit read about it. There's a bit that says Jupiter's moons eclipse each other every six years and to watch out for this in 2015-16. Got some questions from a novice if anyone can help. Is there just one eclipse in this time or more than one with there being four moons we can see? Have I missed the eclipse/eclipses? Can you see much when they occur? Thanks
  5. Hi Adamchiv, I was very much in your position a couple of months ago. Started off looking for a scope for my son for Christmas but soon realised I wanted one we both would use. As you've seen just in this thread it's a difficult choice. My budget was the same as yours up to about £200 but one scope kept getting mentioned and praised a lot - the skyliner 200p dob. In the end I took the plunge and went for it. I wasn't disappointed! I've only had it out a limited amount of time but have found it easy to use and although it is big it is a lot lighter than you would think and splits
  6. Hi Sam, I found the website just before Christmas and your right the amount of information is invaluable especially to beginners like myself. Everyone is very accommodating and friendly too.
  7. Thanks for your reply and the different options. We are travelling by ferry to Ijmuiden and staying near De Rijp for the first week, so Haarlem could be a good option and the dinosaur bones would be a good selling point. Many thanks
  8. Hi Linda, Am I correct in believing your Dutch? I'm off to the Netherlands on holiday in the summer and came across some information on the Eisinga Planetarium, somewhere in Friesland. Have you heard of it and is it worth a visit?
  9. Thanks for the welcome. I'm a bit like a kid in a sweet shop at the moment, don't know where to look and also the shop isn't open much at the moment.
  10. It's pretty special to see Jacks excitement and he is very much hooked. I hope he does stick with it otherwise he'll be forced to share my passion for Newcastle United.
  11. Yeh, it sure has been..... 35 years in the wilderness though! Have I missed much?
  12. Thanks Ian Really useful to newbies like me. Very informative and a good read like so many articles on SGL.
  13. Very good image. I'm a beginner and was going to try and get my first view of M42,M43 tonight but 1-0 to the clouds.
  14. Thanks everyone for the welcome. I thought my first purchase after the scope would be an EP but I think it's gonna have to be a set of steps for Jack instead. Thanks glowjet, I do plan to get a copy of Turn Left at Orion, it's one of many things on my wishlist which just seems to get bigger and bigger.
  15. Hi all, My five year old son Jack has an interest in space, so great I thought I'll buy him a kids telescope for Christmas. Determined for him not to receive the same quality one I did as a 9 year old in the late seventies (it killed my interest in astronomy dead) I took to the internet. I soon discovered this was not going to be the easy task I thought it would be but was pleasantly surprised at the range and affordability of some telescopes. More research was required and that is when I came across the Stargazers Lounge forum. After a week or so trawling through lots of posts I realised
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