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  1. Its not great when the weather spoils things but we do live in the UK and you can't get away from our unsettled weather patterns that are not great for us Astronomers but going to kelling twice a year come rain or shine for me is great the company seeing and talking to other like minded people and not forgetting getting the beer makes it all worth the effort and when you only live 40 mins away from home its even better if things got really bad ...See you all there !!
  2. I will be there from Thursday - Sunday on the red field with my friend Alan (polo) we are both hopeing it warms up a little .. from past years we know how cold it gets down on the coast and the wind can be bitter must remember to get a few more tent pegs and take some extra blankets , He is in the tent but I'm going to use the back of the van to sleep in it worked out great last year nice and confortable and warm
  3. Gordon and Alan (polo) Thursday - Sunday Pitch T 409 Fingers crossed for clear sky's and No rain !
  4. I will be there Thursday - Sunday morning can't wait hope its better weather than the spring camp
  5. WET.... NOT VET SORRY I am tired and cant spell
  6. Back from kelling heath what can I say rain rain and more rain but I did get a glimpse of Venus other than that it was a very vet weekend away .. and too add to injury I had to call out the RAC as I had a flat battery on the car when I was about to leave never mind looking forward to September to try it all again with out the flat car battery ...


    Hello and welcome
  8. Counting down the days I have packed up most of my things ready for Thursday I hope the wet weather is going to stop ? I can remember going once and it rained all the time we where there not to mention not one clear night was seen I think I am going to do a dry weather and clear night dance and keep my fingers crossed mind you I am looking forward to the fact of no kids no dog and dare I say it no wife for a few days !
  9. Hi Paul and welcome to the forum
  10. HASSAC

    Hi guys

    Hi DarkEnergy, Welcome to the forums
  11. I also regularly use a barlow with the lense removed as an extension tube when using my modified HP HD-4110 Webcam
  12. Welcome to the forum Rhon
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