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  1. Hello all Does anyone know whats happened with the online mag. No updates since July? Cheers
  2. I read here that it's in for reprint at the mo. If you don't have it already, a copy of The Backyard astronomer's guide is definitely worth a space on your bookshelf. Got a second hand copy a while ago from Amazon for only £6.40 and is mint. Lots of basic but good general info on observing and equipment. Saying that does lack star maps though but for that there’s always stellarium or other free internet sources. Not sure I pay the cover price though @ $49.95. £10 max for me. Cheers
  3. Hi and welcome too from a neighbour in Devon. Not quite sunny at the mo!
  4. Would also add that the stellarium update has satallite info added to it. This is a free download. As a start try the looking for the iss with shuttle docking soon should be bright. I use this site for obsy times. Human Space Flight (HSF) - Orbital Tracking Cheers
  5. Sorry but love the moon and can look at it for ages, but understand that sometimes nature does seem to be against the night sky observer espescially the last few months:(
  6. Thanks everyone for your input and the links. It looks like the Canon is the one to go with. Best go and check my piggy bank . Cheers
  7. Hi all Looking at getting a DSLR as a start in imaging and more than likely going to go for the canon 1000d. But noticed that the Nikon d60 has a ccd sensor. I've read that ccd's give a better quality image than cmos sensors. So my question is would the additional quality of image out weigh the fact that canon is much more popular and supported for astro imaging. The camera would be mainly used for astro work but also a small amount normal photography. As ever, your expert advice greatly appreciated. Cheers
  8. Hi all An amazingly clear and dark night last night. Star jump from midnight till about 3am blown away with the views and frozen to the bone. Felt like Christmas had come early. Sorry for rant just had to tell some one;):) A cold scope:eek: A cold night stargazing on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  9. When i got mine i set it up in the sitting room. My girlfriend came home and just said "F!*$£ing hell it huge". She was then quiet for ages :D:D:D
  10. Hi musrol I bought my first scope a couple of months ago and I would agree you certainly don’t want to rush into buying stuff. My first accessories though were a Cheshire collimator (device for making sure you mirrors are aliened correctly) and a moon filter. With the moon full after chrimbo (31st) your bound to want to ogle it and its amazing but a bit bright on the eyes. Also made a dew shield out of an old 10mm foam camping mat, works a treat. Cheers
  11. Thanks again guys for your thoughts, and meriln for the link to drivers. Will have a go at getting the web cam working and read up some more on web cam imaging. Will no doubt have some more questions for you:o Cheers
  12. Thanks for that guys. Is there any particular capture software you use or just what came with the cam OK. Thinking of imaging the moon as a start to imaging, with the web cam as it's a bright target. Only have a manual mount at the mo so need a targets for short exposures. I know imaging is a bit of a mine field so I want to start simply. Cheers
  13. Dam, just found out that there are no drivers for my Philips PCVC830K to run on vista.:mad:
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