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  1. Genius!! Sometimes I do overthink things and come up with elaborate and unrealistic plans. The holes method absolitely wins it. Thanks for the idea. I even have a 20mm hole cutter. I would ofc take out the optics before drilling away . However I won't do this just yet. I managed to get my hands on an EQ5 tripod from Astrobuysell, thanks for the reference, Proto Star, and I snatched a polar scope for £18 off ebay. A proper one as well, not those cheap chinese ones without any markings. So for now the 10" will be used as an observing scope, well, when I get my hands on some counterweights,
  2. I've been away for a while and I missed out on the EQ5pro tripod, unfortunately. And also missed out on the ad with the counterweights. I did manage to get me an eq5 tripod, and still looking for weights. I'm still considering any ideas for making the OTA lighter. How about taking an angle grinder to the OTA? What I mean is going all out chopper style on it. This might sound ridiculous, but I have to ask See diagram below. The holes have been exagerated somewhat in the diagram, perhaps thicker strips would be more rigid. Raf
  3. Hi all I'm looking to build a 10" budget equatorial telescope. I know it sounds like a contradiction in terms, but I've almost managed it. All I need now is the tripod part of the mount as I have the actual equatorial mount minus the tripod. I also know a CG5/EQ5 is a bit small for a 10", but I have my ways to lighten it up. Thank you. PS. I'm also looking for counterwight bar, counterweights (13kg telescope, but will reduce to improve tracking), motor drive(s), and polar scope. Ta.
  4. Hi again, I've done some basic research and it turns out Olympus don't do DSLRs any more, but Pentax K5 looks very promising. So from what I can see it's between the Sony A65 and Pentax K5. Does anyone know anything about either or both of these cameras? Will the sensor shift system work with old lenses with no electrical contacts? What about astrophotography? I'm quite excited about moving away from my old Nikon to something newer or superior!
  5. I don't need the the sensor shift for AP. I need it for my old lenses, for other uses. I have a 10" relfector for my AP.
  6. Hi all I want to do astrophotography with a DSLR. And I'm a budget. Now I already have a Nikon D3100, but having a large collection of vintage lenses, with no VR in them, I want to switch to a image sensor shift optically stabilised camera, such as the Sony A65 to take full advantage of all my lenses. I deeply dissagree with the Nikon/Cannon approach of in-lens optical stabilisation and their "buy our lenses" policy and I want out. Now it would have been a simple decision to buy the A65, but apparently it has something called a translucent mirror, and that sounds like it makes it R
  7. Oh, I weighed the OTA, with the ringsdovetail and finderscope it weighs 15kg!! I'm looking into getting a carbon fiber tube made in china and waiting on the prices. Might be cheaper than the EQ6 option...
  8. The problem is that the EQ6 is hugely expensive. What about those motorised goto dobsonians? Any good for astrophotography? Can I convert this behemoth with any off-the-shelf kit? Sorry for bombarding you guys with questions..
  9. Found this: http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=107234 But being aluminium it probably has a lot of give in it. I don't have much (or any lol) experience with big scopes, but I'm an engineer and that Al looks wobbly under 30kg (15 ota+ 15 weights).
  10. How much is it? I've found the eq5 motor on first light optics, but they're £68 each for each axis!! That's more than I paid for the mount lol. I'm going to try and find one second-hand as it's a bit too much for my budget and I don't want costs to spiral out of control. Obviously the goto will cost more, but it offers a lot more, so I'm more flexible with justifying a higher price. As for the weight of the OTA, I just weighed it, and it's 15kg! I'm considering trying to find a 250mm carbon tube, but they're not cheap. Maybe I can get a cheap one from china or something.
  11. Thanks for the prompt replies! I'll look into it
  12. Hmm, I don't seem to be able to edit the post so I'm replying.. I wanted to add that I have a Nikon D3100 and plan to do astrophotography, so I require a RA motor, but I can't find one. I can only find goto kits, which are very expensive. I actually like setting up the scope and manually navigating from object to object so I just need a cheap and decent RA motor. As for astophotography, I will ask more questions another time regarding that topic.
  13. Hi I'm new here, but have been reading these forums for advice for ages, just never needed to ask something, until now. I've had telescopes for years, but small fry, nothing substantial, entry level stuff, until the ebay god gave me the opportunity to buy a Skywatcher 10" (250mm 1200mm) for £175! Just the OTA, rings and some basic 1.25" eyepieces and barlows, mind you, still, a bargain me thinks. So now the project is to build it bit by bit, and buy the necessary parts, crucially, all to be done on a budget. I'm a firm believer that deep sky observing/imaging can be done on a budget, proof is
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