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  1. Haha! I've already looked up the astronomy/night sky weather forecast for post Christmas (31st is showing as excellent for stargazing... I never liked Auld Lang Syne anyway!) Will get those books ordered and Stellarium downloaded - Thanks. I'm eagerly awaiting the first viewing session... Will definitely share!
  2. That's what I was thinking, the EQ1 seemed like the low-end model and was paired with much lighter scopes. With knowledge of trying to balance my DSLRs on wimpy tripods, I thought the AZ3 looked sturdier. As much as I knew hubs would 'get' the theory of an EQ mount, I wasn't confident in the sturdiness of the EQ1. I have a feeling that if hubs doesn't take to the skies... I just might.
  3. Well the deed is done, ordered from FLO, should get here when he's at work on Wednesday... But gawd knows where I will hide the box, I bet it's a large one! Thank you all, sincerely, for your help. I know these kinda questions are awkward (I work in IT and get, "what laptop should I get?" ALL the time and my answer is, "depends what you want to do with it!"). I'm sure I'll stay around the forum, maybe let you know how he gets on... Most likely asking for more advice. Merry Christmas and Clear Skies to you all xx
  4. Right I think I've made a decision, the Skywatcher Startravel 102 (102mm/f5) on an az3 mount. Not too huge, portable enough, bigger lens than the 80 or evostar 90, should let him see enough... Not be overwhelmed. Final thoughts anyone?
  5. Is there any benefit in getting a Goto mount for ease of finding stuff, or does it take away the joy?
  6. Thanks for all the info, I'm not sure if things are clearer or more muddled now, but tomorrow I shall buy one...or the other... Or maybe something different still!
  7. I must admit I was just looking at the Mak's... They seem to be shorter versions of refractors, like hybrids, is that right ?
  8. My goodness! Just looked at the 150 Dobson, it looks like an anti-aircraft device! I'm a tolerant wife {*cough* 60" TV, complete 3rd floor mancave etc...} but that's a beast!
  9. Would the field of view be so restricted as to lose positioning easily? I know what looking through extended photography lenses are like, I get lost looking at birds in the trees! What would you choose if you were at the beginning of your Astronomy journey again? The Startravel or the Evostar? Also, just looked at the Celestron 90mm, same kinda specs as the Evostar, is one manufacturer better than the other?
  10. Ok... Makes sense. I'm now looking at the StarTravel 102... Shorter, more portable for when the LP gets too much for him but a bigger lens.
  11. I guess, now I've determined that he'll be sitting outside on the deck, not obscured by windows or compromised by rising heat, that my initial main question still stands... ...would there be a marked difference between the views from the two scopes? I know there isn't much difference between the lens sizes but will the startravel short tube compromise the images?
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