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  1. It's a minefield out there......using this site has shown me how I bought the wrong scope and then how I bought the right scope.....I only have one,scope so it just depends on who's view point you listen too.  The info given on here is given with your best intentions.....To me...I wouldn't try and guess what I will be doing with a scope in a years time, as a mad keen beginner we just want to get out there....and then what we have,won't show us what we want to see.......and someone else's kit is always better lool........(Mr Tweedy - you listening ? lol)

    Where do you draw the line....buy the best you can afford, enjoy it....and then see where your path leads...... I bought my Skywatcher 130p Synscan a couple of years back.....now I feel as tho I want to move to bigger....do I sell this scope and use the funds ? do I struggle to buy another and become a two-scope owner.......decisions decisions lol.

    Good Luck

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