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  1. What budget you looking at......Good Luck with your search.......People on here will gladly help you...
  2. Same here...very interested in your post. I'm looking at getting a D7100.....I think it sort of might work with my Skywatcher 130p
  3. It's a minefield out there......using this site has shown me how I bought the wrong scope and then how I bought the right scope.....I only have one,scope so it just depends on who's view point you listen too. The info given on here is given with your best intentions.....To me...I wouldn't try and guess what I will be doing with a scope in a years time, as a mad keen beginner we just want to get out there....and then what we have,won't show us what we want to see.......and someone else's kit is always better lool........(Mr Tweedy - you listening ? lol) Where do you draw the line....buy the best you can afford, enjoy it....and then see where your path leads...... I bought my Skywatcher 130p Synscan a couple of years back.....now I feel as tho I want to move to bigger....do I sell this scope and use the funds ? do I struggle to buy another and become a two-scope owner.......decisions decisions lol. Good Luck
  4. Sorry folks..... I though he was after Astro software as opposed to Image editing software......I think I will have a look at it myself tho........saying that, I'm running 64bitt machine ...Window 7 tho.
  5. I've never seen one of those....it does look good tho,,,,seems I will be looking at the sun from now on.....
  6. I've got the same kit, well....some of it....infact I have 2 washing lines......lol..... it's a great pic tho....Thx
  7. Before you go spending....get Stellarium,,,,it's free and a great piece of software..Explore the program, it's a great educational tool.
  8. If it is clear up in the murky north,then I'm out tonight to try and catch it. Looking at the forecast and looking out the window now tells me it is going to be very iffy....
  9. Same here...my PC came with Windows 8.0 and it was terrible, The upgrade to 8.1 was a little better as the old Start / Programs button was back due to public demand. I gave it a while and decided that I preferred Windows 7. It's so much better and totally stable.
  10. They are great photographs.....I would be well chuffed if they were mine.....Well Done.
  11. Are 3d printers a tad on the expensive side.? ....I saw one recently when I took my daughter to Huddersfield University, it was absolutely amazing....so was the cost.....
  12. I've a Nikon....is it worth trying with a 200mm lense on.....obviously I have to lose the clouds first........Actually, prob a daft question cos if you don't try you def get nothing......
  13. I think that is a superb photograph ...I just need something to make these North East of England clouds move away so I can try and observe it before it is too late....
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