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  1. Hi Everyone.

    Just thought I'd share my first ever image of M42 and say thank you to everyone who helped me out on here.

    I had so many troubles with my mount and after using the help provided from this site, I can confirm the mount is working like a charm, finally.

    This is a single 240 sec exposure of M42 with an un-modded Canon 6D, no guiding, no stacking...I'm so happy.

    I now have to learn to auto guide with PHD 2....so you'll be hearing from me soon.

    Thank you all


    1. Knighty2112


      Not an imager, so can’t critique it in that way, except to say very nice for a first image. Well done! :) 

    2. Vela Pulsar

      Vela Pulsar

      Thanks for that Knighty2112, really kind of you to leave a comment, cheers.

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