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  1. Wow ! Some really interesting replies to my original question. I suppose what made me think about this is I understand that you can make an observation then " do the maths" in order to explain what was observed. But how the hell do you " do the maths " first then make the observations to prove or disprove the calculations ? This sort of makes me feel that mathematics is behind everything and was there to be discovered !!!
  2. This might be a strange question and I'm not even sure how to ask it !! What is mathematics ? Is it an integral part of the universe that us humans have "discovered " ? Or is it something we have "invented " to explain what we observe ? Does that even make sense ?
  3. Glad you are sorted, sometimes it's the simplest solution that works
  4. You should be able to adjust it spot on, you might find the finder foot is a loose fit in the shoe. Try some sort of spacer under the back end before tightening the screw to tilt the whole thing forward a little. That might give you some adjustment.
  5. Assuming they are the same as the Revelation 15x70 you could try this. The two front objective tubes are screwed into the main body. The front lenses are offset in the front of the tube. First check that both tubes are screwed in securely. If not then tightening them up might restore collimation. If still not aligned then try unscrewing one or other tube a little while looking through the binos, you should see the images coming into alignment. I found that unscrewing the left hand tube about 1/4 turn had the desired effect. A spot of glue then held the tube in this position perfectly, no need to mess about with prism screws. I found a nearby TV aerial was a good test target to view while adjusting.
  6. It would work but is not the ideal type of scope. You could get some decent binos for less, or a real astro scope for not a lot more.
  7. I've had both the Celestron and Skywatcher 8-24 and apart from the orange lettering they were the same eyepiece. Nothing wrong with that as they are pretty good for the price. I suggest you do what i did, put a wanted ad on AB&S and pick one up for £35.
  8. Ah, those invisible (25*100)s, may not look much but made of "dark matter" i hear, so a good tripod needed
  9. I think it's not about how far you might travel, but how fast. Over large distances the fabric of spacetime is expanding faster than light. So unless you could travel faster than that our universe will seem to be infinite. Unfortunately nobody will ever know what is outside or if there even is an outside !!
  10. Good point about Mars, you couldn't wish for a better candidate for life. Right type of star, right size, right habitable zone, had water and an atmosphere but had the wrong sequence of random events to allow intelligent life. There will be countless worlds out there with a similar story. Face it, we are unique and most likely alone !!
  11. Had a Telrad, i know they are popular but i found it too big and heavy for a small / medium scope. The Baader sky surfer 3 is very good for the price, 30mm diameter with a selection of mounts to suit any scope mounting. Only £21.45 on FLO.
  12. I think we are probably alone as a fairly advanced technological species. Yes the Universe is big, simple life will be fairly common, more complex life will be less common, intelligent beings like us are probably very rare if not unique. I always feel that we are here asking these questions because of a series of accidents and coincidences that are unique to this Planet. We would not be here but for : That early collision with a large planetoid, The steadying influence of the Moon, Our liquid / solid Iron core giving us the protective magnetic shield, Snowball Earth, Tectonic plate movement, Bacteria giving us Oxygen allowing more complex life, The meteorite that cut off the Dinosaurs and gave Mammals a chance to flourish, The changing climate that brought Apes out of the trees and on to the savannah. I think we are alone and that is an awesome thought !!
  13. The zoom guides still have the plastic/PTFE covers on the guides so it seems like metal to metal abrasion somewhere. Its only a cheap eyepiece so i don't mind opening it up. Its never been dropped so i'm wondering if some lube if it has any has dried up, Hi, i made my SW zoom nice and smooth by applying a little lithium grease to the guide pins / slots and letting some grease go through the slots and between the rotating barrels. You can get at the guides easily top and bottom just by unscrewing the top section and the bottom silver section.
  14. The front objective tubes just screw into the main body. How does the rubber covering look where the tubes screw in, is there a gap on the longer one, is the rubber puckered up on the shorter one ? You could try gently loosening then tightening the tubes to see if they are fully seated. Be careful if you fully unscrew the tubes as they are a mare to get back in without cross threading (you can tell i've been there!) Bear in mind the objective lenses are offset in the tubes for collimation purposes so tightening the tubes will alter the alignment.
  15. Are you sure the front hinge cover with the serial number on does not unscrew revealing a mounting thread ?
  16. Well the Skywatcher one goes for around £35 so a reasonable price for a Meade would probably be around £50
  17. Replaced my SW 130 Newt with one of these a few months ago. Fantastic for the price, i find it much more rewarding both in use and viewing than the reflector. I have stripped the focusser and replaced the thick grease and plastic pressure pad to smooth it up a bit. Also moved the RDF to the front of the tube to make it easier when veiwing near the zenith. There is slight colour fringing but not enough to spoil the views. Overall a brilliant scope considering the low price
  18. What you don't want to do is end up with another so-so eyepiece no better than your existing one. These are very good and often recommended (i have the 5mm) . 1.25" 5mm BST Explorer Dual ED eyepiece | eBay
  19. I know "Telrads" are popular but i didn't get on with mine. I found it too big and prone to misting up (even with home made dew shield). Suggest you either keep the RDF or get a better one, the Baader sky surfer 3 is good and will fit the existing mounting
  20. Isn't there supposed to be a "spider" around the secondary mirror ?
  21. It is located in the northeastern sky and appears in the same place every night at approximately 8:30pm. It does not move. It is very bright and after viewing it with binoculars, we realized that it is actually changing colors (white, red, green) I think i saw that too. I had a quick look around at 9PM with binocularsand there was a twinkling/ colour changing point of light in the north somewhere around Ursa Major / Ursa Minor. Definitely low in the Northern sky. Jupiter was low in the East. ??
  22. Hi, I need a bit of advice regarding star diagonals ? Just bought a WO Zenithstar 70 from a forum member and i need a diagonal. What does it all mean, Dielectric / Prism / mirror and which is best ? Any suggestions what will be suitable for this scope at a reasonable price ? Thanks in advance.
  23. Thanks for that John, very interesting. Will try to find one in the UK if possible.
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