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  1. clouds+raining here, Merseyside
  2. I believe you might be thinking of Europa? I have no doubt there is life somewhere in the universe other than on our Earth, be it single celled organisms or intelligent life with societies and such. They might have come and gone many times over millions of years.
  3. I always thought that the larger the scope the more light you could catch, so you could see things better, regardless of how much magnification you used, so even if you use magnifications much lower than your scope is capable of, you will still be seeing better than someone with a smaller scope that isn't catching as much light, right?
  4. oh good I thought when it was talking about the 17th it meant early morning as in 12:01am, hope it's not cloudy and then I can make a night of it, been awful since I got my scope.
  5. Leonid Meteor Shower: Best Sky Show Tonight shame i'm at work tonight
  6. nice images. just to get my perspective working right.. those small holes, are those actually huge craters, or is this a really magnified image and they actually are small holes?
  7. pretty much, i'm suprised you didn't know this before buying a 8" scope. I can see a tint of green in the orion nebula though, and some blue tint in the pleides
  8. they can go completely vertical, I think the reason why all the pictures show them at an angle is because they look pretty cool that way
  9. sorry to necro this old thread but figure it's better to bump than to make a new topic on the subject. I don't know why you think people with dobs wouldn't use a chair(?) I just tried it since the chair I use was occupied by my brother on the PC and it hurts the back too much hehe. are there any well known good brands of observing chairs I should take a look at? I really need to get one but, most of the ones I have seen do not look like they would work good with my telescope, due to the wooden bit sticking out in the front, where the base of the scope would be, I need something like, well more of a stool I suppose, but with a back, so I can lean back on it and relax during those long nights, any suggestions? what kind of price range should I be looking at aswell?
  10. so what was that guy on about in the other thread telling me it wont be anything more than a bright light until january?
  11. any out there? I recently tried to view mars but it was just a small bright dot, I was told on this forum it wouldn't look "proper" until january next year when it will actually look like a planet with a disc and features when it comes closer to us, now i'm thinking, what about the other planets? I'm just looking in Stellarium right now, and Uranus is up, but if I drag my scope out and try and find it, will it just be a small light-dot or will I actually see a greenish disc? where can I find out this stuff? thanks
  12. awesome I don't suppose there is any way I can find out exactly which one it might have been based on the time / place in the sky?
  13. I was waiting for this big cloud to blow over when it started raining, I tilted the scope horizontally to avoid getting the mirrors wet, rushed inside to grab the caps, back out, caps on, dragged scope inside, never moved so fast in my life. I think I managed to save the mirrors as I can't see a single drop on them but the mini viewscope got hit with a drop on the larger glass.. bit.. and my eyepeice got hit with a drop too; what do I do? do I wipe it off, try and simply dab it away? what should I do.
  14. It was last night (13th) about 3-4am, I was trying to find something just below the lower gemini head and as I was moving the scope I saw some rather bright yellowish light move from the bottom left in the direction of top right of the eyepeice, I quickly tried to follow it and I found it and followed it for a bit, I took my eye away from the EP for a second to see if I could see a plane or something in the sky in the direction it was, but I couldn't see anything, looked back and I had lost it, it was moving pretty fast, no idea what it could have been though, probably just a plane?
  15. any idea what the FOV might be on the EP's supplied with my scope? I just took it out again for an hour and a half or so (time sure flies when looking through the scope eh? felt like 20 minutes) been waiting for the clouds to clear for ages and there was a break in them so I rushed outside with it took a gander at orion nebula again, looked better than last time could see a lot more nebulosity and definetly a hint of green. I was determined to find andromeda galaxy so I went right from orion and easily spotted aldebaran and the pleides close by (at the time I didn't realise it was the pleides, just realised now when I got to my PC and ran stellarium) so then I found it difficult moving from there over to andromeda so I went the other direction and found cassiopeia, followed it down and to the left and I was pretty sure I was looking at what I now know to be "Mirach" in the andromeda constellation, I had a peek through my EP and I could see some fuzzyness around it so at the time I thought I had found the andromeda galaxy, I thought "this doesn't seem right, it's a bright star with some cloudy nebulosity around it" but I eventually gave up and packed everything away. I just started Stellarium anyway on my PC and I realise that the galaxy was further to the right and I was just looking at a star ohwell, at least I know where to begin next time, I feel like i'm starting to learn my way around the sky a bit now. one thing though, through my eyepeice the sky seems to look really washed out, the blackness of the sky is washed out and looks well, bright, is this just to be expected or is it light pollution screwing me over or something?
  16. I think i'm going to buy my first eyepeice soon, I have a 250PX 10" Dob and it came with 10mm and 25mm eyepeices, i've been looking at the Meade 5000 EP's for a while now as they look (to my un-trained eyes) to be good quality and sort of mid-range price, not to cheap to be crappy and not so expensive that i'd have to sell a kidney, but the question is which one do I buy? With mars being close to us in a couple months for the only time in the next 2/3 years (or so i'm told) where it will be possible to get the best view of it i'd like to really get a great view of it while I can, so I want a 5.5mm or so EP which will 'magnify' mars more so I can see more detail on it? is that right? smaller the mm the more 'zoomed' in the image is, the higher the more of the sky I can see. sorry to ramble on but basically is there anything better I can get for the same amount (or less) money or did I pick a good one?
  17. is a wider FOV eyepeice always better? does this sound good? "They yield the widest possible fields-of-view, consistent with pinpoint edge-of-field sharpness and contrast. Compare their unparalleled 60° apparent field-of-view to any Plössl on the market today."
  18. anyone with experience with this scope got an answer for me?
  19. this is depressing, i'm in one of the worst areas, I had NO IDEA that you could see the milky way like that in a non-light polluted area, that is awesome. I need to move to wales.
  20. depends if you are serious about photography and can't afford to spend £1k on a motorized mount for the Dob OTA or something like that, otherwise from what i've read the manual tracking isn't a problem once you get used to it, i've only been out a couple times with my scope thus far, plus it's my understanding that you get more aperture for your money with dobs so a 10" scope on an auto tracking mount will set you back a few thousand I think(?) whereas a 10" dob is much much cheaper. but i'm no expert so don't go purely on what I say.
  21. one thing I noticed about mars compared to the moon, is that mars moved across the view very fast, I thought that my scope was falling down cause the handle was too loose or something but it's just that it moves so fast across the sky, compared to the moon where I could have it in the view for a few minutes easily
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