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  1. right, but what is this black matt material used for exactly?
  2. interested in hearing about more mods for this scope, getting closer to winter and clearer skies now and I wanna get mine modded a bit. i'm especially interested in modding the base and the altitude swivel because they are quite stiff and I often end up moving them way too much cause it jerks when you move it, so some explaination on what the best way to do this would be and how to do it would be awesome ;-; thanks
  3. cool 8) same there seems to be hardly anything that is worth looking at this month though. at what point in the list does it start getting difficult to see things in light polluted skies?
  4. Saturn is amazing. Friend stayed over the other night, wasn't the clearest of skies but about 2am there was a break, went out, got saturn in viewscope, looked in through my new 5mm, and I just went HOLY ****. WOW. AWESOME. it was epic, I wasn't prepared for how good it would look, rings, moons, it was amazing. After a while I realised I still had my moon filter on the EP too, so I took that off and it was even better! I could see the yellowish cloudy bands, it was just the best thing ever.
  5. saw saturn for the first time tonight with my new 5mm EP, it was really epic, 2 or 3 moons, rings, and yellowy cloudy banding around it, so much better compared to mars. which I also took a look at while I was at it, and for some reason it was weird.. it had 2 spheres beside it I thought my EP was out of focus or something but I couldn't get rid of them.. was it some kind of lense flare or something causing it?
  6. I see... I remember looking at mars a week or so before christmas and I was a clear disc with some polar cap ice and some darkish detail, it was amazing, this was in my 10mm eyepeice, so I bought a 5mm one hoping for a better look and it was just a blurry ball, hell, I don't even know if i'd call it a ball, it was just a smudge of orange light really..so when is the next time I will get as good a look as I had just before xmas '09? I also had a look at jupiter before xmas too and was hoping to get a look in my 5mm EP but I can see that jupiter won't be up until about november.
  7. is there a website where I can check mars's "arcseconds"? so I know when it will be high and thus a good time to look at it? all I am getting now is a fuzzy orange disc even on crisp clear nights
  8. I couldn't even see a clear circular disc though let alone a polar cap and dark markings, it was literally just a blurry orange blob
  9. ok well I had my first chance to try out the 5mm paradigm EP tonight on mars, at first I couldn't see anything even with my finderscope aligned perfectly it was just black, but I found mars eventually. have I missed my chance to see mars when it's close to earth this year? because when I viewed it a few weeks ago in my 10mm EP, I could see a clear circular disc, with some detail, but now, in this 5mm EP, all I was seeing was an orange blob, I tried my 10mm EP and it was just a small orange 'star', so I guess it's moved too far away now? or am I doing something wrong. the eyepeice itself.. well, how do I explain this, the end part where you look through seems to twist around, like some kind of in-built focuser, I wasn't sure what to do with it so I just tried slowly turning it all the way around to get mars in better focus but it didn't really change anything from what I could see.
  10. alright looks like they are back in stock on ebay 1.25" 5mm 60 Degree Explorer Dual ED Eyepiece on eBay (end time 05-Mar-10 10:44:36 GMT) I just wanna make 100% sure this is the right thing cause it's called Explorer now and not Paradigm and this is definetly the best 5mm EP I can get on a low budget? thanks
  11. I havn't collimated my scope since I got it a few months ago, but I didn't really think it was necessary since the views always seemed really clear and not blurry or anything. but i've been reading about collimating and they all say you need some collimating tool (which I don't have) and something like a laser collimator.. all this stuff seems to cost a ton of money and for something I will hardly ever use aswell. is it possible to collimate my scope without any special tools? the manual that came with it claim it is possible but I can't understand the instructions they aren't very descriptive ;_: any help? and.. if my scope doesn't need collimating how will I know, will I not just end up possibly making it worse?
  12. does anyone know someplace else to get the 5mm Paradigm EP as it's sold out on ebay now and I can't find any more.
  13. I had a look the other night with my 10mm that came with the scope and for the most part it was a glowy orange light but a couple timesI think the seeing cleared up for a few seconds and I glimpsed some dark patch near the bottom right (or would that be top-left, since my scope flips the image around? speaking of which, when describing things like that, should I just describe them how I see the mthrough my scope or should I account for the fact that it flips stuff?) and some white-ish bit on the top (or would that be bottom again hehe) which I think was the ice cap? thanks
  14. thanks can't wait to get a look at Mars with this eyepeice
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