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  1. This is one I took with my Galaxy S5, a couple of months ago.
  2. I read this in TLAO, i'd never thought of that till i saw it. Think i'll have to get some.
  3. I'm new as well, haven't had many observing nights so far, maybe half a dozen, due to working patterns or weather. I managed to get out one evening last week and got a glorious view of the moon, it was stunning! I went out specifically to view the moon and spent about an hour just viewing that. It really is surprising how quickly the earth moves, when i took my eye away from the EP for a couple of minutes, i had to adjust my scope as the moon had disappeared out of the centre of my EP. Haven't had the chance to view any of the planets as yet, i'm hoping to get a proper look at Jupiter soon...
  4. I have SkyView as well, but just installed SkyEye, as suggested by aeajr, looks to be more detailed than SkeView.
  5. Thanks for that , i am happy to know , that i can now spot Jupiter with the naked eye, every time i see it, i wonder to myself if it's a planet, as it does look too big for a star
  6. As i was driving into work at 5.15am this morning, there was a very bright star, (which i have seen on many a morning) or a planet just above and to the right of the moon, i have often wondered if it either Venus or Jupiter, can anyone shed any light on this please?
  7. Another thing i'm liking about this new layout is, that when i have more than 1 window open on my laptop, i can immediately see when i have a notification, when i'm browsing on another page, Facebook style notifications
  8. Yeah, i know it's down past the leisure centre, at the bottom of the field. I know i won't be able to attend all the meets, due to work schedule. It says on the website that there is a meet most friday evenings as well, have you attended on a friday before?
  9. Firstly, thanks to you guys at SGL for putting the hard work in to for us. I like the layout, it definitely looks newer and fresher, and it works alot better on my android phone than the last version. Just one thing, on friday evening, before the site was shutdown for the upgrade, i started a thread and posted a picture, but now it's not showing my uploaded picture, will this come back at some point? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the heads up on having to join the WMC first, i didn't know. I'll see if i can make it, depending on how my day goes,. Do they have many female members that go, as i'm female, i'll feel a bit like the odd one out if i'm the only female walking into a bar full of men... I live in Brough, and have requested to join the club online, but for some reason, haven't been allowed in yet. The next monthly meet is tomorrow evening, i haven't been yet, i was hoping they would have approved my membership request by now, before i go to the meet.
  11. I live in Brough, and have requested to join the club online, but for some reason, haven't been allowed in yet. The next monthly meet is tomorrow evening, i haven't been yet, i was hoping they would have approved my membership request by now, before i go to the meet.
  12. Yes, it is in my gallery, i just had to work out how to access it from the SGL site.
  13. Hi all, got my first proper view of the moon this evening, and wow , it looked superb through my 25 mm EP, but I can now understand why you guys invest in moon filters, I was temporarily blinded when I took my eye away from the EP. I manged to get a pretty decent snap from my phone camera, will try and upload it from my phone, just had a go but it wouldn't let me for some reason.
  14. I managed to take a few pictures with my phone, when i was playing about in the daylight, takes a bit of practice to get the phone in exactly the right place and to keep your phone still!
  15. Luckily, i don't have a battery to worry about, as i have a manual scope, still i don't think i would be able to cope with hours outside in these temps
  16. Hi all, probably a stupid question, but just wondered, will temperatures below freezing damage my telescope, lenses etc, if so what is the safest temp below freezing to be outside at? Thanks.
  17. My copy arrived in the post a few days ago, been slowly picking my way through it, i think it will be a very helpful book, waiting for clear skies again, so i can go out and get some more practice in with my scope.
  18. I did notice that a particular star i was viewing, had a blue glow to it, no idea what it was, i was just scanning around randomly and thought i would focus on it, what with it being my first proper night out with my scope, are there any particular stars that have a blue glow to them?
  19. Yes, that's why i put it in front of the diagonal, still it's a learning process, i'll keep at it, i couldn't align it with Polaris this evening, as it wasn't in view from my garden. Is it normal for the stars to appear as a point of light with not much detail? Thanks.
  20. Hi all, i've finally managed to get my scope out tonight for the first time, i can see the stars through the 25 EP as points of light, ,but after i attached my barlow lens directly onto the scope, in front of the diagonal, all i can see is total darkness, am i doing something wrong, Advice please
  21. Please, oh please give me a clear night, tonight... that is all
  22. Thanks for the link, really useful site.
  23. I have only just downloaded the NASA app and i have to say its a fantastic app!
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