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  1. Now I'm looking more to the Orion mini giant 15x63 or 9x63 without a tripod. Any input on these
  2. Just wanted to say thanks for input guys I talked with someone from tech support and determined its got something wrong with it. So it's getting sent back. Again thanks guys for trying to help
  3. Hi all so I just sent my telescope back as tech support said it was broke. Anyway I'm looking at buying a set of higher power binos now as I used a friends set of 25x100 sky masters last night and fell in love with the ease of setup use and the sights I could see. So I was wondering what's the best set of either 25x100 or 20x80 binos with tripod for around 400.00 Orion has some 20x80s with tripod for 251.00 and I can get a celestron skymaster 25x100 with tripod for 355.00. Which setup is better quality. Or is there another setup that would be better for my price range
  4. Lol that's what I assumed also that I shouldn't need to do that seeing that this one was gps enabled but it seems the gps isn't working properly. I'm going to hook it up and update the software on computer and see if it helps if not idk what to do to fix it
  5. Well for whatever reason the coordinates where close however I'm pretty sure it's not 2060 yet. Which was what the date showed. The time was also way off.
  6. Also for daylight savings time x means no y means yes book said to leave it off but at this point idk
  7. Thanks guys, Ok the quick start guide shows how to put the scope together then starts by telling you to put scope in park position which is straight up and Down. Then it says to point the scope south. Which I did using compass. Then it says to level the telescope which I also did. Then it says to go to set up controller. I selected that option and the date and time is in utc time. It looked like this: This is the menu for entering in time and date and information is what I entered last night at 8:45pm est Set local time 2015-12-09 01:45:48 300 min. Behind UT Daylight time savings x as for co
  8. I'll try to view the Orion Nebula for instance and it will move the telescope to view aldebaran
  9. Ok so I got my new I optron gr80 8802 gps scope today and I was looking forward to using it so I went through the quick start guide and followed what it said to do. Leveled the unit, added date/time and the coordinates as best as I could find them.( using star chart app on phone. Anyway the telescope seems like it's a quality piece of workmanship. Only thing is I can't get it to go to anything. It is always off and does not align with object I am trying to view.
  10. Haha thanks for all suggestions, You know originally I hadn't planned on this as a main hobby for me, Just something I'd been interested in. But after I got started it turned into more than just something to occupy time. Literally I had planned to have a room for a telescope and now I changed house plans to include an observatory. The way things are clouding up here I need to be a amateur weather man lol.
  11. Hi all, Ok I'm hooked on astronomy I've been out every night this past week for at least two or 3 hours a night, just with binos. Which I have had a blast with but I can't wait for my telescope to come in. So I get my telescope Tuesday and guess what. Clouds and rain almost every day this coming week. So now I'm dying inside after the stellar week I had last week. Ive learned so much, and have been reading as much as I can and trying to learn as much as I can. Thanks to a lot of you for your help and advice also. But now idk what to do with myself, to make it worse I'm off this week. So what
  12. Hey thanks for input guys I really appreciate it. I've been busy at work(building our house which I just expanded to include an observatory a small room on second floor. Small observatory non the less but still my little slice of heaven lol. Anyway I decided to pass on the binoculars for now. They were a decent price but i think the scope and the binos are enough for now until our house is completed. I went observing last night and identified and memorized more constellations such as Taurus Gemini Pegasus Ursa Minor Aries cancer and Auriga. The more I learn the easier the sky is to navigate I'
  13. Let me ask another question I've got a friend who just offered to sell me his Orion 20x80 binos and a really nice tripod for a pretty good price. I know the fov is a lot less than with my Nikon. My question is are 20x 80s worth getting. Is the extra mag worth it. If so I may be comet hunting with them. Lol
  14. From my understanding, the comet won't be visible again until December 7 is that right
  15. Thanks aeajr I have a pretty dark sky completely clear of clouds. Lol I'm happy. I took that little celestron travel 60 out a min ago to view andromeda galaxy and well I found it but honestly I'm enjoying binos better. Andromeda didn't show up any better in celestron and there was so much wobble with the stand it just kept moving nonstop. I ordered the I optron smartstar g-r80 8802 gps telescope and I ordered a really nice sturdy stand for it. But I love the fov of the binos and the ease of setup. Also aeajr thanks for all the information it's really helping. On top of that I have a ton of boo
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