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  1. Ok well won a EQ6 tripod of ebay for a good price, So now might actually be in a good position to get a Star Adventurer for starters, unless i can find a NEQ6 top half for a good price to add to it. Will keep my eyes peeled!
  2. This is shaping up rather nicely, ive enjoyed reading through the thread. Look forward to more.
  3. I torn between getting one of these Star Adventurers, but brought a EQ6 Tripod on ebay for a good price just incase.
  4. The specification of the tablet will tell you if its running RT version or full windows. As per what Jon say, make sure that it has at least 1 usb port you can connect too if you want to control your scope and mount with it.
  5. Wow nice starter setup! Very nice wife you must have! Hope you have a good time on the forum
  6. Welcome Rachael, Nice picture of the moon there! Hope you find some useful information for your set up.
  7. Well jealous that your getting out there with your scope, its raining so heavy here tonight. Hoping the MET office are right that it'll clear later.
  8. Well just goes to show you that no matter how big the expanse is that we can see, its still nothing as too whats out there...
  9. Interesting way of capturing images, did you pick it up second hand?
  10. Welcome Bill to the Foriums, have a great time and hope you find information useful.
  11. Really nice Sketch, looks great inverted.
  12. Clear skies planned here tonight too in Nottinghamshire, excellent, might set off to my point tonight then for an hour.
  13. Welcome to the forum Maurice! Hope you have a really nice time here.
  14. Good to hear, are you hunting some clear skies at this time?
  15. Wow, thats impressive! as is the price! interesting to see the mirror and glass bonded though