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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome back and all the good wishes. I am now already looking forward to viewing Saturn next year. Don't know if what I am doing is right, or indeed if there is a right or wrong way, but to date I don’t tend to use my finder scope all that much? I use it briefly just to get me in the general area and then tend to go hopping with my 26mm which is currently my EP with the largest field of view. This appears to have worked well for me however, that could be symptomatic of my finder scope being rubbish and very awkward to use and the fact that excluding the ring nebula all m
  2. This is really not an hello more of an hello again. A minor car accident in November left me with a bad back and effectively nipped my new found interest in astronomy in the bud. Initially I could not even look upwards without being in discomfort. I continued to visit the site but with my scope mothballed, my activity has been limited to the occasional read. My back is now much improved, more niggly than debilitating however, it is not quite up to the efforts of lugging my equipment outside and spending lengths of time bent over an eyepiece. Last night the lure of a perfectly clear sky simply
  3. I am probably showing my ignorance here astro baby, but my knowledge of the night sky is still fairly limited. I know, and can identify some of the major constellations, but need to refer to stellarium or books to find my way around. With this in mind, and keeping it fairly simple, can you please point me in the direction of the twisted planet you think you are living on. As long as you are being reasonable lost in space, your girlfriend should support and encourage you in your interests and vice versa. If she does not, the alarm bells should be ringing. Never had this sort of problem my
  4. Not wishing to be rude to anyone, but after reading the posts on here over the last few months I am convinced that if i asked a question about a car somebody would recomend a Dob. Well lets face it they are a much greener object and so easy to push in comparison. :D
  5. I purchased a 150P as my first telescope a couple of months months back and I am very pleased with my choice. Initally the EQ mount was a bit strange and it did take a little while to set up however, it soon becomes second nature. If like me you have to store your telescope indoors, a couple of minutes extra setting up the mount is an irrelevance, given you have to wait for it to cool. I am also impressed with how compact the mount and tripod are for transportation. They take up very little space in the car boot. Perhaps a consideration if you think your Dad will want to take the telescope t
  6. Friday before last I was involved in a car accident when a Taxi kindly pulled out in front of me. Until tonight the full implication was lost on me. Joy of joys the first clear night for weeks, out goes the OTA for cooling and I can do a bit of meteor watching while I wait. Look up for a few seconds and crunch, click, OUCH!!! Looks like I will be missing the Geminids and any potential to use my telescope for a little while. Sick as a parrot!
  7. I am also very impressed with the help, advice and general service I received. I was expecting, and prepared to pay a little more for my telescope for the convenience of buying from a local shop. Not only did I want to see the telescope in the flesh, but ideally I like to deal with a shop direct in case of problems. Stockport Binocular and Telescope Centre are only a few miles away from me, so they were the obvious first port of call. Not only did I receive great service but quite unexpectedly they also price matched the best on-line price I had found. All in all, if my experience is typical
  8. I have recently bought my first scope and I think the main question for me was go-to or none go-to? I had slightly less to spend than the price of the 130SLT but I think my choices were fairly comparable. I narrowed it down to the Skywatcher Explorer 130P Go-to,or spend a similar price on a larger none Go-to. In the end I decided that I could live without Go-to and purchased the telescope with the largest appeture I could afford with a EQ mount. That turned out to be the Skywatcher 150P which the advertising blurb tells us has 33% more light gathering than 130mm. Retrospect is a great thing a
  9. Thanks for that Astro Baby. That gives me a little more confidence, I don't feel quite so much like I would be taking a gambol. Given the lack of replies I am presuming that they are not a popular buy though?
  10. I have upgraded the 25mm EP supplied with my 150P to a generic Plossl and I am quite pleased with the improvement. I am really enjoying the wide field of view the 25mm offers and the sharper image of the plossl. With this in mind I was hoping for a little more of the same without breaking the bank. I have been looking at the 32mm Skywatcher Panaview Skywatcher - Skywatcher PanaView 2" eyepieces and I was wondering if, would this be a step too far, has anybody any experience of these EP's or at least read a credible review? I am 41 years old but at a fairly recent eyetest I was assured that m
  11. When I purchased my 150P the guy in the shop made a real big deal about the latitude adjustment. He emphasised that you MUST make sure that the opposing adjustment screw is slackened off or you WILL bend one of the screws. He even went to the trouble of giving me a demonstration on a display model and then insisted that I had a go, to demonstrate that I had understood what he had done. At the time I felt it was a bit OTT and patronising, but I now realise how easy it would be to damage one of the screws. I am a newbie so my experience is fairly limited but it sounds like you could have falle
  12. I feel a real imposter even replying to your post because I am very new to all this myself. However, being fairly ignorant may have some advantages in so much as I can only offer advice on the basic and obvious. You say you were in a hurry, did you allow time for the scope to cool? I ask because if not the image can be wobbly. Polar aligning will not affect the physical stability of the mount however, if you are not at least roughly polar aligned, using a 10mm EP you will have to work your controls excessively in both axis to keep Jupiter in your FOV. Each time you move your controls to keep
  13. I am new to all this, so my experiences may not be typical but M57 proved to be a tricky little so and so. My home views are fairly limited so I have to go to a dark(ish) site to view anything that is not in the East. Because of this I have only had the opportunity to view M57 once and the conditions were all but perfect. I have a SW 150 and using a 25mm plossil to search the general area it appeared just about visible as a very small, very faint, round smudge. Once found M57 responded very well to higher magnification, just as my book said it would. I can not think of a better description th
  14. Can't help much as I am new to all this myself. Best advice I can offer is, download stellarium. Locate the more obvious targets on stellarium and then try and find them in the sky. Not as easy as it sounds but very rewarding when your target suddenly appears in the eye piece. Try to enjoy the journey and what you learn along the way, as much as actually viewing an object.
  15. Don't do it! That is, sell the carp fishing gear. It may appear a good idea now, but come spring you will be kicking yourself. Besides you will only get peanuts for it second hand, and then undubtedly have to pay through the nose when you get the urge again. And you will get that urge! I know a few people who have done it and have lived to regret their actions. Just think what you will be missing?
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