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  1. It is just a feeling. It looks to big. And it is not a problem if you just go gazing somewhere, but it becomes a problem if you ever want to go camping somewere and take your scope with you. The shop only had the dob 250 in the showroom so my gf and I were a little bit shocked about the size and it was/is very difficult to imagine the size of the rockerbox of the 150/200. Beside that the guy you should always correct a dob by hand which I am not sure about if that is what I want. I know I have been interested in the nightsky since I was a little boy, so it wont be a bad choise to go for the 200/1000; and it can be extended with an RA engine maybe later on. I have also the feeling that chosing the 150/750 will limit me for the future. I think it is worth the extra 200 euro between the 150 and the 200. How about the difference between 200/1200 and 200/1000 which one is better?
  2. Here I am again, and guess what? I went to the showroom and I was not happy at all with the dobsonion mount. The final decision will go between: 1) eq3 with skywatcher explorer 150/750 2) extend my budget and go for eq5 with 200/1000 I expect it to be the last option as it is way more movable in my opinion! This combo is EUR 678 at the local store against 474 for the 150p
  3. Thanks a lot. I can punch myself in the face as I told the guy first that I was not interested without the 24mm 68 degree eyepiece, when i changed my mind unfortunately the Mak was sold....which brings me again to zero. I will head towards a store this or next week and I will promise to let you know my final choice :-)
  4. If it is still for sale I go have a look at the Mak. It is coming with extra eyepiece and carrying bag. Deep inside the easy use of this kind of scope had a slight advantage on my choise. What should I check on a used scope? How do I know if the equipment is in good condition?
  5. And how about the refractor skywatcher startravel? What are the negative aspects for this one? Sorry for all the questions, can only spend my money once and I want to make the best possible decision in my situation that keeps me happy Thanks again. You are all so kind and patient :-)
  6. What application is this if I may ask? Is it for iphone or for android?
  7. Thanks all! I think thanks to your help I know a bit better what I would like. I now feel a little more for the MAK 102mm, just to learn now, can easily take it from the attic to the garden or the car. I also can use it more or less with a stable phototripod. I wasn't too much interested in another refractor but the startravel 120 combined witn an Az3 mount looks easy as well. The 200p/150p are probably the best scopes for the price, but I am looking something more easy to carry. So to put a little summary, would appreciate if you can add something I miss out: 1. Skywatcher MAK 102mm Pro: easy, lightweight, sharp view, more forgiving on lower quality eyepieces Con: long cooling time, smaller fov then other scopes like refractor Price: 250 including mount (used one) 2. Skywatcher startravel 120mm Pro: no collimation needed, usable as tele lens for dslr Con: higher price new 406 euro with az3 mount 3. Orion skyscanner 100mm Pro: very very portable, very easy to set up or so it looks Con: looks cheapish Price: 236 euro incl new photo tripod Anything I miss so far and what option would you suggest considering my position and budget? I am done thinking and will start watching as this is the time of the year that atmosphere is quite stable during cold weather :-)
  8. How do I find this out without the needed knowledge? Perhaps I should take my telescope to the nearest astronomy club.
  9. How do you solve the narrow field of view? It is hard for me without knowledge to imagine what can be seen with a 102mm mak. Is it doable without the use of (expensive) widefield oculars? The guy from the advertisement of the mak said he wanted to sell for 250 euro but without the 24mm 68 degree widefield ocular. The choice nearly freaks me out at this point :-)
  10. Sorry, I mean that my bresser hunter 10x50 is almost performing better then my skylux.. Time for coffee :-)
  11. I have the feeling sometimes that my bresser skylux is performing better (more stars) then my skylux in terms of the amount of stars. I never tried galaxies or other object with my skylux. But i noticed bad behavior over the past few years..spending (a lot of) money in a hobby automatically make the results good, if you know what I mean. Maybe I should learn better the basics with the skylux before throwing another few hundreds over the desk of a scopesupplier.
  12. I am using the ones provided with the telescope. It s a 20mm and a 4mm. But I am also unhappy about the light gathering of the telescope when looking at stars. Would other eyepiece have such an influence on this? In other words; could it be that I throw the skylux too easily in a corner to eat dust :-)?
  13. My bresser is 70/700. The moon is nice, but the quality is not that good. It feels too much like a piece of plastic, it is hard to focus (not sure which focus is included). Maybe I am expecting too much of a telescope which costed me around 100 euro used. Will definetely go to a store and I am lucky that two of Hollands best stores are very nearby.
  14. To be honest, I am not sure why, a refractor is not my type of thing. But as said, that is just a feeling. How about the 120mm startravel compared to the dobsonion 150p? What are the pro's and what is the advantage to chose for a refractor? I have now a skylux bresser so maybe that is why I dont feel comfortable with refractors.. Best regards
  15. I am driving a Seat Mii, very small car. Perhaps I should visit nearest store to see and feel the usability of the 200p and/ or the 150p. Loading two pieces inside my car with an easy build up system looks like a "grab and go" but my parents live across the country and that could be a problem with the regular stuff, our dog and two adults AND a dobsonion 200p :-) need a trailer or something..
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