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  1. I managed to remove the brass washers from the chrome screw ring side by tipping the mount on its side and by moving the mount in both directions and they just fell out. The pulleys fitted easily on to the worm wheel shafts and no longer wobble and fall off. So no more gear box induced errors All I need are some clear Sky's :s Cheers, Mark
  2. I think there is a brass washer under the chrome screw ring and a brass, I don't know what you would call it, pellet in the screw cap that I am holding in the picture. I have removed the chrome ring and it looks and moved like washer underneath. The picture I have saw of an EQ show the silver bearing through the chrome screw ring so I think this is part of the upgrade and the cause of my problems. I cant figure out how to remove it other than by tilting the head of the mount on its side and hope that only the washer falls out. I'm not really to sure thats why I am posting before I try. Cheers, Mark
  3. Can anyone please tell me if my RA worm wheel is configured differently from factory supplied way? I have a belt and pulley system that I am fitting and the worm wheel shaft does not seem to stick out far enough for the pulley tightening screw to grip properly. I have had a look at some websites showing the disassembly of an EQ6 and I think I have an extra, what I think is, a brass washer that may be causing the problem. I bought my mount second hand and I was told that the thrust washers have been upgraded in both axes to reduce axial play. I believe it is an AWR upgrade. I think I have to remove the brass washer from behind the chrome screw ring which will provide more shaft on which to fasten the pulley to. How do I remove the washer without removing the full worm gear? Advice is most welcome. Mark
  4. Thanks I took that through my dx-200 with the canon then processed in photoshop. I didnt get the focus right as I couldnt make it out from the display on the back of the camera so I've starting to use DSLR focus now. http://www.mark1b.aquiss.com/IMG_2248_filtered_final%20(2628%20x%201752).jpg
  5. I do intend to buy a Watec 120n at some stage but don't know if it would be best to put the money towards that rather than a dedicated guider. My Toucam could easily be modded for long exposure as well. I know I can autoguide using the 120n with a capture device plugged in to my laptop and a guide port interface such as the one from shoestring astronomy, which I already have. What I don't know is would this arrangement be just as good as dedicated autoguider that plugs straight into the guide port? Cheers, Mark
  6. I have gave up star hopping on my EQ6 and decided that I should upgrade to a goto. I got fed up trying to find an object remove the eyepiece fit the camera focus and find the object again. My plan was to piggyback my 80ed onto my dx 250 and set the 250 up for imaging and use the 80ed for manual/auto guiding or visa versa if I wanted to. I still need to resolve an issue I had with the orion optics dx 250 dovetail plate poorly fitting the EQ6 mount. I have a replacement plate but I need to mount the rings on to it but thats another post. Anyway my EQ6 has an AWR system 5 drive fitted to it which is good but it isn't goto. So I have been doing some research on the net on the various goto options for EQ6's. I have considered the skyscan upgrade but I have read some mixed reviews all agree that you go get your bang for your buck with it. Unfortunately I am one of those people start with a budget then think 'if I spend £450 on an upgrade I will end up wishing I had spent more on a better goto system' and so the budget increases. I came to the conclusion that I should buy this motor and pulley set http://www.micgiga.com/products/details.php?product_id=3 As there is less in the way of gearing so backlash should be minimal. The motors are Sanyo Denki which are allegedly quite good. For a handset I am not fussed on how it looks just on functionality and I like the sound of a PowerFlex MTS-3SDI Aluminium-blue with the display and catalogue. I stumbled across this website http://arnholm.org/astro/tracking/ and wondered if the results would be as good on my EQ6. Total cost would be just under £700. I'm not sure if I should spend the money now or wait until later in the year when the dark nights are back. Could I have some advice please? Does anyone have any experience with any of this kit? I know I could buy a second hand EQ6 pro with Skyscan already fitted for that price but I don't believe that the tracking would be as good. Thanks in advance for any advice given, Mark
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm in Kilwinning in Ayrshire Any help I can get would be appreciated. It wasn't a Seben I can't remember the exact name but it was shipped from Germany but made in China and it was my first scope and so I had nothing to compare it against but I did find some reviews on it. Unfortunately one of the reviews I read said the only thing salvageable from the scope was the mount and that was after you take a drill to it so you could mesh the gears properly. I eventually tried a star test on it and found that the primary mirror was flawed so I bought a second hand Orion Optics Uk dx 200 and the difference was like night and day. The image was brighter and clearer through the Orion Optics scope. I can't speak for the Seben scopes but a colleague at work also bought a reflector scope from the same company as I did but his was a 6" and it had a lens in the optical path before the light reaches the focuser. Mainly I observe from the backdoor as I am on the outskirts of the town and to the east the light pollution isn't too bad. I have been twice now to the little moor road just as you pass the Dumfries and Galloway sign when heading south from Ayr. From there you can see so many stars it's hard to get your bearings. Last time I was there it was -10, that was over a year ago. Regards, Mark
  8. Hello, I have been reading these forums since last year but I have never managed to get round to posting anything so I thought it was about time I did. My name is Mark and I've always been interested in astronomy. My wife would tell you that I watch too many Sci Fi films/shows and I suppose thats where my interest stemmed from. About three years ago I purchased one of those cheap 8" £200 Newtonian scopes from ebay and since then I have been buying different bits. I consider myself a newbie and there is so much I don't know probably because I read up on something and by the time I get a chance to go out it's normally at short notice and I am totally unprepared. Imaging is probably my main interest because thats when you see the most detail. My six year old son doesn't appreciate a fuzzy blob in the eyepiece but take a long exposure photograph and the details increase. Eventually I would like to buy a Watec 120N that way I could display the images on a TV so that we could see images in realtime. When I go out I always take my laptop and use Starry Night software for the sky map. I also find the F.O.V. feature where you put in the details of your scope and eyepiece and the program overlays a circle showing your field of view on the map. This helps to work out what I am looking at. There are a few things I would like to get some advice on but I'll post them under another section. Cheers, Mark
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