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  1. Unfortunately I don't HJ. Plan was just to start off in a small way with a Webcam. Not worth mentioning mate! It was a second hand cheapo one that my dad bought for using on weekends down on the campsite they visit in Wales - never came out the box and got passed down to me. Really awful thing to be honest but at least it kept my taste for Astronomy going and made me save up if anything! Rob
  2. Thanks for the reply Ronin, To be honest, the DSO side of things isn't particularly gnawing at me at the minute - I think I'd rather edge into things slowly before wading in all guns blazing. Converting a cheap webcam could be an option I suppose, (I could get our kid to do that as I tend to be heavy handed!) To be honest, I'm quite a patient person, if in future I choose to upgrade - I'll just have to save! Rob
  3. Cheers for the advice Alan, I found a link to the book earlier whilst on my research so that's going to be on order. I had a feeling the budget of £500 would be a stretch! It seems that I have some serious debating with myself to do before I rush in. Rob
  4. Hi Guys, Finally found myself in a position financially to make the step up from my old second hand scope to one which hopefully is a lot better! After reading through several threads on the forums (and still utterly confused!) I must apologise in advance for anything I say that has been said dozens of times before! Basically my budget is around £500 for the scope itself, a mount, a tripod and possibly a webcam of some sorts. I know this may seem a small budget for all of that but I acknowledge the fact that I'm not going to take Hubble-esque images. My initial thoughts on a scope was the 6" Skywatcher Star Discovery 150P but I've been left unsure by a few previous threads. I understand that this isn't an auto-tracking scope but would be suitable for moderate Planetary AP etc with a webcam/CCD? I don't really want (or expect) to be capturing DSO's with that sort of set up as I'm still a relative beginner and I'm happy just to continue learning with things a little closer to home for now. Finally, regarding the scope, Something is drawing me towards a GoTo scope as opposed to others on the market. Any thoughts, opinions or offers of alternative scopes? Now regarding the AP side of things, if I did choose the Skywatcher, would something along the lines of a Celestron Neximage Imager work with it? Obviously being two different companies are the two compatible? I acknowledge that AP is a bit of a money pit and can take a lot of time to work up too but I am happy continuing my Astronomy adventure on a more basic level for now and possibly capture a few things along the way. I look forward to any replies Thanks in advance Rob
  5. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Indeed, those sights will stay with me for life!
  6. Cheers JepJep! Hope it provided you with as much amazement as it did for me. Just had to edit the post as this tablets damn autocorrect is annoying!
  7. Hi guys, been awhile but I've had a lot on the last six weeks or so, so haven't had much chance to get out and Star gaze. Gutted to be honest after waiting what seemed an eternity during the end of November/beginning of December for the cloud to shift. Well, tonight has been the night for my first "proper" session! I thought I'd write a little report as I'm still overcome with excitement and awe. At about 00:45, I wrapped up, grabbed the gear and set up out the front of my flat. Best place I have to be honest but gives a good view of East to South and I've only got the odd couple of street lights about. First up I decided to have a look at Betelgeuse and Rigel as i thought they would be quite easy targets to start off with, I was amazed at the red and blue colours I saw through a 25mm and a 10mm. I then decided to take the plunge, be brave and locate Orion's Belt, with the intention of seeing my first Messier(s) M42 and M43 as I waited for Jupiter to pop round the corner a bit more. I wasn't very confident at first but with a bit of patience, the odd cigarette and 'er indoors providing me with mugs of tea, I finally managed to see "that fuzzy patch" close up. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, absolutely amazing detail! Like I said I'd waiting an age for it and it still took me by surprise and the missus had to stop me jumping around like a kid at Christmas! Anyway, onto another target I've been waiting to see... Jupiter. Managed to catch it once again with both the 25mm and 10mm, couldn't believe the colours! Orange, yellow and a sort of Reddish Brown, beautiful - couldn't quite see the bands as i really do need some better EP's. Three moons were in view, I could be wrong but I think Io and Europa were on one side and Callisto on the other. Ganymede is currently out of view I believe. I came indoors (-2 outside) one very happy and excited chap to warm up and reflect on the unbelievable sights I'd seen. Mission accomplished and I can't wait for more! Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Rob
  8. Great report! Glad you had an amazing time of it! Managed to capture a fleeting glimpse of Jupiter and Venus yesterday morning in between the heavy cloud cover. Mars was an impossible to see and it wasn't worth getting the scope out for. Currently feeling the full wrath of Storm Barney here in the Midlands, second night of high winds and rain. The moon did make a brief appearance a couple of hours ago but really couldn't be bothered to contend with anchoring the scope down. Rob
  9. Hi Jess, Welcome to SGL! Everyone is friendly and have been a massive help to a beginner like myself. Have Fun and Clear Skies!
  10. Hi Andy, Welcome to SGL from just down the road. Clear Skies
  11. Awesome read Mike, thanks for sharing. Although I have to agree with Davey-T, the fog is perched over this way and hasn't moved at all today. Rob
  12. PapaEmeritusIII


    Welcome to SGL, JYG, Clear Skies
  13. Hi Chris, Welcome to SGL Clear Skies!
  14. Hi Jared, Welcome to SGL Clear Skies and Have Fun!
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