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  1. my astrobin www.astrobin.com/users/Eri has all images taken with a SW 200PDS on a HEQ5, havent managed to get any decent planetary images but there is the moon and several galaxies and nebulae to give you an idea,
  2. hope this helps you but I don't know how much difference there is between your 400D and my 700D I've been hitting up Andromeda, triangulum fairly well have managed to capture the rosetta guided 5mins subs http://www.astrobin.com/273422/?nc=user really well for only being at it a year now, this is my horsehead from earlier this year unguided http://www.astrobin.com/235245/C/?nc=user and I've just kicked off a 5min guided attempt to capture both horsehead and flame in one frame. I also re-visited the Pleiades as a 2 pane moasic tonight and will process that over the weekend which at first glance looks like it could be very good for me. My suggestion would be test it, find your max sub length tracked then grab an hour or so of data on andromeda or which ever you fancy first
  3. I use a surface pro to guide and it sometimes messes about a bit with the touch screen trying to resize, scroll stellarium so I went and got a bluetooth mouse, now its just the mouse that messes about a bit but at least I dont lose where I am etc in stellarium any more
  4. So last night I finally had a nice clear night and also my new LP Filter arrived from FLO (ordered 9th sept so really pleased for a clear night when it did arrive, supplier issues i believe) So out with the scope and as per suggested in an alignment issue thread I made earlier in the month I did manage to do a 3 star alignment... but it was very close the house only just allowed me to get the 3rd star. So now I'm aligned and do some test slews and I appear to be centred well, yippee i go and let the scope cool while eating dinner then out I go again and decide first off Triangulum (2 hours) then off to Rosetta (another 2 hours) and these are the results. I'm very pleased with both images especially Rosetta but opinions and suggestions are always appreciated and if anyone would like to show that my processing can be better i'm more than happy to link to the integrated files for each just mention the file format you work with
  5. Hi michael, not sure what you mean by sync on deneb after aligning on altair and cap and i do need to know the source of the error because currently I cant accurately image anything
  6. hey guys, yeah i have set to +00 and say no to daylight savings and the scope slews to close to the first target star then i just align and slew to the next. i don't think i have the option of a 3 star alignment as i have a narrow band of sky I can access it's always worked before with altair and caph until the last 2 weeks its weird because the 2 alignment stars always centre but the other targets are always out so i'd have thought that would rule out backlash
  7. Hey guys, I have no idea what is going wrong recently but wondering if someone could give some pointers. I can polar align fine but when i go to do a 2 star alignment I align against Altair and then either Caph or Capella as these are the only stars that I can use in my back garden, it aligns and when i slew back and forth between the two it aligns perfect but monday night when I tried to focus on Deneb the star was almost out of view i tried for over an hour but it just refused to align and centre properly on anything but capella or altair, if you have stellarium locate M74 galaxy then search for HD 9928, this is how far out the scope ended up. I know this becuase I took a test image and uploaded to astrometry. I have followed astronomysheds alignment guides then use the synscan set to align and last year and the last 2 months its been fine but the last 2 weeks attempts have been out by this much each time....... whats going wrong??
  8. @wornish I'm using the exact same guiding kit from FLO, it was working fine for a few nights then I took 2 days off to get 2 full nights imaging in and the first night it refused to track or guide at all, no idea why and gave up after 2 hours. next day i uninstalled and reinstall all software and that night it guided and tracked fine.
  9. funnily enough I too am looking for a way to count stars in an image... i suspect based on the process console logs of the mosaic integrations I've applied i'm looking at between 14-20k stars
  10. I bought the Explorer PDS with the HEQ5 mount as my first photography scope, I don't find too much issue with focus, i think the dual-speed focuser of the PDS is great in getting a good clear focus alongside the Bhatinov mask, I'm rather an impatient person when it comes to seeing results so am currently not spending as much time on DSO's as I maybe should but here are a couple of my fav images from my astrobin page with this scope and a canon 700D I would get the HEQ5 over the EQ5 as it is sturdier, the downside to the explorer is it really can act like a sail in winds
  11. yes I found that but that is not really the point, i can collapse all the forums but that means if i want to go into one i expand it then collapse again? sorry that is not a solution except for the forums I never visit
  12. @Grant @Beulah yes I found it and edited my post to inform however I still believe the better option would be to have it off by default.
  13. ok another thing i am not a fan of, it makes a noise when someone likes a post in the thread? not just my post but anyones? Sounds are in my opinion a no no for forums, i ran a scifi forum for about 5 years so i do understand the need for updating and it's always tricky getting a new look going and accepted, I also know the amount of time and effort involved. Sorry if this sounds very negative but i believe it's better to give honest opinions so that the admin team are given every angle and get a better idea going forward to keep this place a lively and usable place **Edit** I found where I can turn sounds off which is good, it's in account settings notification settings but maybe have it turned off by default and let people know they can have sounds would be a better option
  14. sorry i don't like this, immediate impression is its too long to scroll through things, the spacing and reply boxes are too large, 12 posts so far and I have to scroll 5-6 times to get to the bottom. It's even worse on the front page of the forum with all the different sub forums The colouring is nice, fits in with the main theme of the site and the background
  15. yes the upper half did have better sky conditions, to be honest i cant remember if i stretched then stitched but i think i created the mosaic first then stretched etc afterwards I still have lots to learn to get the best images as well as flats, darks, bias etc
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