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  1. Thanks Glowjet! I'll definitely look into getting a copy of this text sometime in the next few days.
  2. Thanks for all the warm welcomes! Astro-folk it seems are good people
  3. Cheers! How was the recent blood moon from Norfolk? Unfortunately we couldn't see it in Australia. I always feel like Australia tends to get screwed with everything.
  4. Yeah it doesn't seem to shabby considering. I did touch it up a bit -- increased the sharpness, adjusted the brightness and contrast, which really improved the image. And that was the best photo out of literally 800+, whilst holding the iPhone up to the eye-piece on rapid fire and just holding the "capture" button, and doing my best to keep the phone still; I quickly learned it was a lot easier to do by lowering the telescope to a seated position and getting a chair. I'm wagering there's a better way. When I bought the eye-pieces from a local optics store, I asked if they had any mounts for ph
  5. PS - excuse all the typos -- I tend to have a nasty habit of post first, proof read later.
  6. G'day folks, I've always been largely interesting in astronomy but it's only been until recently that I've started stargazing, upon managing to score a Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ that was just sitting in a family members garage for a while. Since using it I'be become addicted. I've always been a bit of a web forum person too so I figured I might as well sign up here and get to know some people and learn a thing or two. I've already had a bit of a crack at some astrophotography. The PowerSeeker that was given to me didn't have any eye-pieces so I just bought the standard Celestron AstroMaster
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