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  1. Hi Many thanks for all your advice I really do appreciate it. Think I want to run before I can walk really so back to the moon observing get that right then move on. No doubt I will be back with more questions
  2. Hi not sure what I expect to see with stars, been watching them from bedroom window for long enough so I think I at least expected them to look something like that... My scope is new bought for my birthday only a few weeks ago...
  3. Hi just cannot seem to get focused on any star at all I have tried the 10 MM. eyepiece and 25 MM to no avail...I know I'm doing something wrong but don't know what !,,
  4. Hi really struggling here ...when sky is clear which is not often in Lincs area, I can observe the moon..fantastic...not so when I want to look at the stars. What am I doing wrong..I really want to learn but am getting nowhere fast
  5. Hi like you I am new to stargazing , have had a lot of help on the welcome page with what to read but like you where do you actually start!! Best wishes
  6. Littlelegs


    Hi I have a Celsestron Astromaster 70 cannot wait to get started....
  7. Littlelegs


    Thank you all so much, I have a Celestron Astromaster 70 scope. Have just got this scope set up so now need to learn how to use this too....very early days and I cannot wait to start learning and viewing
  8. Littlelegs


    After watching the stars out of my bedroom window for years I now have my very first telescope. So what do I do now as I say I am a very very beginner but find night sky fascinating. Any help gratefully received....please
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