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  1. Hi. I have the same skywatcher alt az gti goto mount. I want to capture DSOs like galaxies and nebula. I have read comments in this thread and it appears to me that i can do tracking with this mount. can anyone share photos of DSOs captured using this mount? i don’t want to spend money on EQ tracking mount if this mount can get me started
  2. this is how the tripod looks like without the AltAz head
  3. Hi Guys I have a Skywatcher AZ3 Alt-Az tripod and I would like to mount my AZ-GTI mount head on it. The mount head will fit on 3/8". Tripod: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/alt-azimuth/skywatcher-az3-alt-az-mount.html Mount: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-az-gti-wifi/sky-watcher-az-gti-wifi-alt-az-mount-tripod.html Any suggestion how can I achieve the conversion. I want a solution like this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2720325 //Rizwan
  4. great idea. i have Sky watcher 127Mak and i am wondering if the single screw of the camera adapter plate would be strong/reliable enough to take the load of my scope (i have a similar dovetail clamp). Have you tried a bigger scope than the one shown in picture?
  5. ok, so finally i got the tripod and the clamp. The first impression is really good, the tripod looks solid and smooth. I attached my heritage 130 using the dovetail clamp and i was surprised how well the tripod handled it. I got the balance right on first attempt by centring the dovetail clamp and it was very stable in almost all the angles. I didn't get the chance to try outside as it was cloudy but by the look and feel of it i think i got what i wanted. thanks
  6. i know i know i have been asking way too much, but with no prior of experience of tripods, nearest shop being 400 Km away, and amazon delivery time of more than a week its not that simple to buy and return. Anyhow i have now ordered the tripod and clamp. I will share my experience soon. Thanks a lot, your help is much appreciated
  7. @rodhull so i continued my search for the desired tripod basically around your solution. i saw this tripod head, it has friction control which gives me a impression that it will be easier to achieve slow motions on horizontal and vertical axis. What do you think about that. I dont understand how do you achieve smooth vertical slow motion on zomei tripod with baader clamp as there is no friction control you will be moving the ball which is either fixed or loose and there is no long handle to get help from Secondly i see this cheaper Zomei Q555 , did you try this?
  8. i couldn't see andromeda galaxy with the naked eye, it was visible from my binocular and from my celestron 70 travel scope. I don't see milky way either.
  9. i don't know how to answer this as i am a beginner in stargazing. I will give it a try again in a week or two when the moon shrinks. I think i get a pretty clear and dark sky, i can easily spot Andromeda galaxy and 'great global cluster'
  10. will i be able to see the whirlpool galaxy with 10X40 binocular or ST80 ?
  11. What is a mini giro mount? Can you please post amazon links for the tripod and the mount you are taking about
  12. this sounds great, actually i am thinking to buy the ST80 with tabletop tripod as well because i get the bag, red dot finder and a diagonal (ofcourse the scope as well) at a good price. I didn't realize that the bag is big enough to fit Hertiage 130p. thats a huge plus. Allow me to be silly and annoying. Were you able to get 'slow' motions when the hertiage was fixed on a certain angle. I really don't want to unscrew and screw all the time, i will never be able to focus on anything if i had to do that. Do you place ST80 on the dovetail mount as well? does the scope has (i dont know
  13. @Alan64 thanks for the suggestions, i am thinking to return travelscope and buy ST80, i read really good reviews about ST80. All the pictures i have seen of ST80 are with tube rings, i am wondering if it can sit on a photo tripod @happy-kat i looked at the links you shared (i probably missed those earlier or didn't look closely). I really liked the idea and thinking to go for it @Louis D I am not going to any hiking trip or a anything along those lines. I live in a apartment without not good view to the sky. To observe the night sky i need to go out and to be in a place where its dar
  14. @rodhull i really like your suggestion and i am thinking to buy the same. I have heritage 130p and celestron travelscope 70. I need a compact but stable tripod your looks like a good one. I have a few questions were you able to move the scope easily, didn't you miss slow motion controls? Did the scope stay steady when pointed at zenith To be honest i concerned how one screw on the tripod was able to keep the big heritage 130p because all the weight it on the side
  15. Ok here i am again and this with the review of Celestron travelscope 70. As mentioned earlier in this thread i bought this scope because portability was on top of my priority list. I wanted a backpack solution that i can carry anywhere. So yesterday i had a chance to try it out. At around 11 in the night i went out of my apartment easily carrying the telescope on my back, i was super excited. I unpacked it, set it up, took couple of minutes, wow, thats really a 'ready to use scope'. I decided to start with andromeda galaxy (because i wanted to). I tried to locate it from the finder scope
  16. @Alan64 thanks for the suggestion. I really like the kit you recommended. Have you used the equipment yourself? I am about concerned about the stability of the tripod/mount
  17. yes i was there last week and been there before as well, they are very limited in telescopes. i think they have in total 6 or 7 mostly large ones. They do have variety of spotting scopes and cameras. Anyways, @Orion dob. Dobsonian mounts are not backpack portable.
  18. thanks Ronin for the suggestion. I will most probably by my third scope and then i will consider your suggestion Regarding visiting a shop, unfortunately where i live (in Stockholm) there is no astronomy shop. Thats a big negative as i have to play with my measurements.
  19. so after hours and hours, days of searching the battle came down to Skymax Startravel 80 and Celestron travelscope 70. I really wanted to buy Startravel 80 but it was only available with EQ mount and i found travelscope to be more 'ready to use'. Since portability and ready to use was top on my priority list i bought Celestron travelscope 70. It will take a week to deliver. I will update this post when i get a chance to use it. Thanks everyone for the help
  20. thanks for the advice. would you suggest a stable tripod that can handle this scope? i am quite naive in these things. If i can put this scope and the tripod in a backpack then i would be happy
  21. thanks guys for the suggestions. @Putaendo Patrick I don't have a backpack or tripod. I surely got good advices but most of them are expensive choices. My Heritage 130p is sitting unused and i wanted to buy something more portable so that i can start using it. I would like to further explore my interest than would buy a much better equipment. I did some more homework and getting more interested in Celestron travelscope 70. Again the problem is the tripod. I am wondering how unstable it is, May be its good enough if not fully streched? or it is something i should forget about?
  22. Hello I am looking for a telescope that can fit in my backpack. I found two 1. Startravel 80 (Refractor) tabletop 2. Skymax 90 tabletop (MC). I will be looking at planets and bright deep sky objects. with a small telescope i will not be expecting too much. However i would like to have the option to attach a DSLR and take photos (not a must, but would be nice to have). I have Heritage 130p and i am happy with it but i can't carry it on my shoulder bag or a backpack. The two scopes i mentioned seems good but i am concerned about the table top tripod. I haven't read good reviews about
  23. Thanks for the replies. I think more than the quality of eye piece I have problem with focusing. I am finding it hard to sharp focus on any object. I have asked this question here http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/255859-cant-focus-on-stars-my-skywatcher-heritage-130p/
  24. Sorry for the delayed response. My problem stays as it is but may be now I can give more details I am observing from my room with Windows open. The temperature difference should go away after few minutes. I did go outside as well. The problem stayed Today I tried to focus on Jupiter from out doors . I could see its moon as well but I couldn't see the Jupiter bands and red spot. I couldn't see any detail on Jupiter. I was at 130x. The problem is I don't get sharp images. I see I have trouble with Focuser. It is always shaky. Other than that I don't know. I am new to it and cannot judge seein
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