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  1. Can anyone explain the difference between air/oil separation in refractors? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I should have mentioned that I have reviewed Kendrick's online manual for the controller to compare trouble shooting scenarios. None listed within the manual are in anyway shape/form similar to the actions of my controller.
  3. So I use a standard dual channel kendricks Astro heater controller (HC) for my 127 mak and eyepieces. Last night was the second night I had to use it and was not performing well. I run it from a celestron 7a power source that was indicating a 'green ready to use' light however the HC had flashing LEDs and the dew bands were not working. So I swapped to the 8xAA battery set up thinking the pull from mount and HC was too much but even w fresh batteries the LEDs continued to flash and didn't work for the rest of the night. Anyone ever experience same issue? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. The north east coast would be your best bet. Here's to hoping for clear skies. This week has been terrible.
  5. I have the skymax 127. It is brilliant for lunar and planetary. For DSO, it performs ok. If you can get to a perfectly dark sky site, then it's performance should be acceptable. For example, m57, you can make out. It isn't the best view (my 10" dob blows this out of the water) but you can make out the object. Andromeda can be seen seen, but nothing more than a 'poof' as I like to call it. Think whispy cloud spot. Solid scope, yet limited for DSO. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Well my Dob finally came in today. Chose a 10" Revelation. Assembly was a breeze (albeit no instructions as far as dob mount goes). Everything was pretty much self explanatory thank goodness. I'll follow-up with how it does. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. They'll be used w a 12" f5 Newtonian. Simply visual, but looking for 'stellar' views hahaha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. So I've been comparing Televue ep's and Meade ep's and i can't understand why there is such a dramatic price difference. TV offer their ethos SX which offers 110 degree AFOV, while Meade MWA offers 100 degree for quite a bit less. Anyone have opinions on either of these? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Very nice pic, excellent colours. What equipment was used? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Guys, the warm welcome I have received has been splendid. Thanks for all the tidbits of info already and I look forward to gaining knowledge and generally 'hanging out' w the like of y'all. Y'all are amazing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Any personal opinions on Orion reflectors? I see have upgradeable mirror coating available for better contrast, but worth the money? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Wicken Fen is also very good. It is also much closer to me than LF [emoji3]. The LP from the bases isn't that bad either, there are some homes near the entrance to the fen, but around 2300 most of the home lights go off Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hello all! I am hoping to have a free weekend in October to go out to Lakenheath Fen for some stargazing. I've been out before and it's not a terrible dark site, but far from best. Nonetheless, looking to team up with ppl as I am new to the hobby and always enjoy the company. Anyone interested or have a better spot idea please let me know. Will update very soon with specific date. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. FenlandPaul, my bad for overlooking your last question. It is the f/4 M-LRN OTA from telescope house. Would prefer a GOTO system due to multiple users.
  15. This will be for visual *initially*. I am using my first scope (127 Mak) for learning AP. I am sure down the road I might try and connect my 60D or get a CCD to use, but for now only visual. I would prefer a GOTO system simply because I travel a lot and my wife uses the scopes with my kiddos while I am away. She doesn't invest much time into learning the sky . Any who, the GOTO would make it simpler for both parties, happy wife, happy life.....
  16. Portable, however not being moved far. I just don't have the accessibility for permanent. Weight isn't an issue. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. So I had poked the bear on opinions earlier this week on ideas towards a new scope. I have honed in on a 12" Revelation Newt, with that choice now it is time for a mount. My current mount WILL NOT work with this new scope due to capacity limitations. New scope weighs approx. 20 kg and I have come across iOptron's CEM60 and as far as capacity goes, it seems to be quite the workhouse @ 60#. They offer the manual as well as GOTO versions. Anyone have any suggestions? One big drawback to this mount is cost: $2499-$3899. Pretty steep if you ask me. Tripod pairing as well?????
  18. Thank you everybody for the candid responses. To save some serious $ I believe I will be looking into a Dob/Newt in the near future and keep the refractor on the back burner for awhile. Thanks again!
  19. I guess it would be wise to give as much info as possible so that the experts are appropriately armed with knowledge. I wish it was that easy to say 'Hey! This is what I want out of telescope'. I'd say mostly I'd like to be able to view DSOs with greater clarity than my 127 mak offers. Do not get me wrong, the SW 127 mak that I have is an awesome scope. Good first purchase, and I'd purchase it again in the same scenario. But after spending the summer learning the sky and what interests me more, I have realized what it is that I'd like to build upon. I do plan on using my mak for learning astrophotography (the wife is a photographer, so it was my way a wrangling her into astronomy, kudos me). But that is for another forum post.
  20. John, outside of Meade, what other brands would you recommend? I have read that Meade has high marks, however, if I am mistaken, please enlighten me.
  21. So I am up in arms about this scope purchase. I currently use a 127 Mak-Cassegrain and have realized that the slow f/11.8 it offers is not giving me the visuals that I am looking for. I have borrowed a friends 102mm Stellarvue to try out refractors and was VERY impressed by the quality of the optics. (sidenote: for all purposes, $ is not the limiting factor in this decision, even if it is a heavy drop in the bucket ). Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to use a Dob, even though I am seething at the opportunity to do so. I'm not necessarily suffering from aperture fever, but there are just some things my MAK does not detail as best I know the objects can be shown. I have done lots of perusing this site, but I wanted to try and get more opinions. Simply enough: for quality DSO's, nebs, etc. would this forum recommend a 130 Stellarvue or a 10-12" Meade light bridge? Before any says '130mm?? 10-12"??? Not suffering from ap. fever? I am only going with the heavy hitters because I do not want to upgrade again for quite sometime. These things aren't cheap hahaha. Stellarvue 130mm f/7 Meade 10-12" f/5
  22. Hello all! I am not necessarily new to the UK, however I am new to astronomy. My daughter wanted to 'see the stars and planets', so we purchased a 127 Sky Watcher Sky Master Maskutov-Cassegrain. Well, while spending time over summer holiday looking at the stars I have found myself utterly entranced by everything around us. This has turned into the most interesting hobby I have ever gotten myself into and have found that, forgive the pun, that the sky is the limit in what I am capable of seeing. I really enjoy astronomy and all the time and patience that has to go into it. I look forward to learning from this forum and hopefully I too will be able to yield gems of knowledge in the future.
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