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  1. The 200 is good but you'll be wanting more aperture sooner rather than later I'll bet. Have you had any thoughts about going bigger?
  2. As I beginner myself I found the most frustrating thing was finding my way about the heavens. For me learning the sky or at least a few of the major constellations to use as as reference points was a good starting point. 2 years ago I didnt have a clue where to find the great square of Pegasus or the whereabouts of Cassiopeia. It all comes with time spent outside actually looking at whats up there in relation to where you are.
  3. Well, I live in Norfolk where the earth IS definitely flat....so there!
  4. Got a pair or 9 inch jubilee clips from Ebay for a few quid
  5. I used silicon coloured hose, the hot hatch & performance car guys use it as its more resiliant than the standard hose plus it comes in a variety of colours & diameters, avaliable on Ebay for pence
  6. Saturns just getting good, you'll have to wait a bit though
  7. Looks ok, enjoying the rugby & observing (sort of) the Moon as well, do you do requests as Saturns up soon
  8. I agree with Karen, a 2 star alignment is generally quite sufficient & fairly quick too
  9. I used to own a Skymax 90, now have its bigger brother, the 127........you need one of those for planetary work imho. The clarity from the little 127 is staggering. A very powerful scope for its size. Good for planetary/ lunar imaging too. In addition it fits on my Skywatcher alt-az goto mount no problem at all.
  10. It would help if I read the thread properly! Yes its a normal common or garden type star diagonal.........£40 new
  11. I eventually found M51 t'other night, had to wait until midnight for it to rise high enough out from the glow of the local town streetlights though At first glance its not actually much to look at but after some study I could just make out some detail
  12. Ah yes, almost forgot Galaxy Quest, a classic if ever there was one
  13. All the Alien films......although come to think about it Alien 3 & 4 were a bit naff imho 2001....my God, its full of stars Forbidden Planet
  14. Nice Jupiter all right, a tad small but nothing that a decent barlow wouldnt fix. I personally use a 2 x Celestron omni, although primarily for viewing I've found it just as good at imaging. I bought a 3x also but seeing hasent been particularly good of late. I currently have the Toucam Pro 2 & probably just a little higher up the learning curve than you but learning with every venture outside! Just wait until the Moon gets favourable again, its difficult to resist especially as its such an easy target...........ideal for honing your new found imaging skills
  15. I have a copy for sale, hardback, in mint condition for £10 plus £2 p & p if anyones interested. I cant be bothered to advertise it as theres generally too much in the way of timewasters these days. Plus of course the usual " I have interest in your book I can send you bankers draft for £1000, my shipping agent will collect the book" etc etc.............yea right, like I was born yesterday!
  16. Cant wait for that 2x barlow to arrive!!! Just incredible shots........now thats patience
  17. I have a Skymak 127 & my son owns a 130P. In comparison I can tell you the 127 displays crisper resolution & detail definition for planetary & lunar work, however the 130 is slightly superior for dso observing but not well defined where planets are concerned. If its all round work you're looking for I'd stick with the 130, if you're going to upgrade aperture is the key word............suggest going to a 200 or even a 250 if finances permit Horses for courses I suppose.
  18. Our council have finally acted on their original published proposal (I can only assume there was little or no resistance from joe public).......all the streetlights in the side-streets, cul de sacs etc are now off from midnight until 5am. The only ones that remain on during these hours are on the main route through the village. There's only one downside so far, I'm out the house at 4am to go to work & cant even find the keyhole for the front door lock its that dark, cant wait for the week-ends, although if the council could please do something about all this cloud I'd be in with a chance.
  19. Three times in two weeks would be classed as an excellent average for me! Usual thing, clear & bright most days only to cloud over just when it gets interesting. Cloudy & rain now
  20. I chose an object that fell naturally into view whilst ensuring the the c of g stayed fairly central ie not tipping the whole assembly over. In my case it was the tip of a nearby high voltage pylon.
  21. looks that way, with a barlow of course!
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