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  1. Experimenting on new scope...

  2. Bresser Messier 127 F9.5 Omegon FlatField ED 25mm / Omegon Planetary 9mm / Omegon Planetary 5mm

  3. PS: my focuser is not round like the pictures in this topic it's hexagonal (and it brings 2 round short and long extensions) it doesn't allow me enough distance to bypass the mirror diagonal even with the 2 extensions (almost but not) - maybe i'm doing something wrong...
  4. ... i got mine today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD yeayyyyyyy First impressions on terrestrial views (conditions not 100% sunny). Side by side it didn't showed any more a. aberration (white statues) than my skywatcher 90 f/10 (at maximum magnifications (240x bresser /182x skywatcher) than i can perceive. makes me wonder about the 150..., oh well it is done and the 150 was 200 eur more... seems like a decent scope nigth views on hold...
  5. i would not spend that kind of money even for a house LOL i think they would make more money by making a public observatory, then i would pay 10 USD to have a look sometimes is good to look at things by themselfs and not think of money or to buy it or else i would wanna buy an F1 car
  6. granted, but i respect their passion and i won't say more until i get to look thru the eypiece
  7. i didn't post it to get into war what's the best refractors or reflectors, (above 5" i would buy a reflector) just to admire the craftmanship in this one
  8. too much is too much i have a 3.5" and i'm settling with a 5" F/9.5 frac (arrives wednesday) xD
  9. Take a look at this master piece! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qnrjve2AEhY
  10. very nice. it's a beauty must wait about a week for mine
  11. thanks for the feedback guys WOW John, that's BIG (and little shorter F/) Feeling more confident with my choice today Keep fractin'
  12. you are the best oh well, a little bit more. i assume that lens brand coatings have little influence then... very helpful indeed, thanks a million it was the biggest/afortable/portable/longer focal length that i found, i hope i'm not going to be disapointed. you helped alot thks cheers, and trudi-loo going to bed good night
  13. *edge of the moon and terrestrial very white objects
  14. thanks how you imagine it compares with my evostar 90 f/10.1 ? on the moon i only get a bit on the edges of the objects, not in the craters.
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