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  1. Many thanks Peter. Exactly what I needed. Tells me all I need to know.
  2. @ ronin, The mount I received has motors and came with a battery pack for eight (8) batteries so I guess it's safe to assume that it requires 12V to operate.
  3. You are absolutely correct Mal ! However what those downloads don't do is give any info on the basic Non-SynScan handset. I may be a bit thick but I sussed out that the Up and Down DEC buttons move the mount Up and Down and the RA buttons move the mount sideways, the 2x/8x/16x switch is obviously for speed control and I'm guessing here that the N/S switch is for North or South Hemisphere locations. Now I'm guessing again but I figure that the RA/REV and DEC/REV switches on the side reverse the direction of the front buttons. What my tiny brain has trouble understanding is how you set the mount to slew. Do you have to stand there with your finger on the button?
  4. Cheers Dave. Unfortunately my budget only allowed me to purchase the basic mount without SynScan.
  5. You have thrown me with this statement. Every spec sheet I've looked at says " Power Supply: 11 to 15 V DC 2Amp (Tip positive)" Now I'm really concerned because I have run it off my 38AH 12v battery via a cigarette lighter socket.
  6. I'm beginning to think I should just go back to photographing birds and landscapes and forget this astronomy stuff ! After a disastrous start with an HEQ5 which was faulty and returned, I have just taken delivery of a new EQ6. The un-boxing didn't start well when I discovered that I had a black mount and a white tripod. OK, I can live with that, the white tripod ends will be easier to see in the dark. Um, where are the counterweights ? Where is the other mounting plate lock knob ? Shouldn't there be some instructions included ? I've contacted the seller and he is sorting the counterweights and the lock knob but I'd really like some instructions for the basic handset. I've scoured the internet for some instructions, found heaps, but none for the basic handset although plenty for the SynScan unit. I'm attaching some pics and I'd really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction to get some info on this very basic handset.
  7. I have a new EQ6 arriving tomorrow. It was advertised as an "EQ6 Duel Axis Drive - White" ( yes, 'Dual' was spelt 'Duel' ) Maybe this particular Synta incarnation has the motors fighting one and other. I really have no idea what I'll find when I open the box. The dealer linked his ad to a Sky Watcher site for an EQ6 SynScan GPS. For someone very new to the astro scene it has been very confusing trying to sort out the various EQ6/NEQ6/NEQ6 Pro/EQ6 Syntrek/EQ6 SynScan/NEQ6 SynScan/EQ6 SynScan GPS plus the model I've bought, just to name a few. I'll let you know tomorrow just what was in the box.
  8. Thanks Zakalwe. I've had a play with the basic tripod set-up but want to go up a level, with sharper and brighter stars, and less noise.
  9. After the debacle with the HEQ5 I suppose I should have waited till I received the mount, just to make sure it's not another weird spec Synta offering.
  10. Cheers Ronin. Yes, the procedure would involve blending a separate shot of the ground based part of the shot with the stacked sky.
  11. Hi all, Bought an HEQ5, it was faulty (won't go into the details) and returned it. Have now ordered an EQ6, the vanilla version with the dual motors, (the price was right) hopefully arriving early next week. After a frustrating month with the HEQ5 I'm really looking forward to using something that actually works. I'm hoping the trade off for the extra weight (16kgs v 10kgs) will be more stability. At this stage my main interest is terrestrial imaging, connecting a beautiful night sky to an interesting earth bound subject. My gear consists of a Nikon D800 and various lens from the Samyang 14mm f2.8 up to the Nikon 300mm f4 with 1.4 T/C. From reading the forum I believe that I can get up to two minute subs with basic tracking, assuming that my mount is aligned and level. Is there a way I can get into basic guiding without the expense of the GoTo upgrade kit? I've read the PHD articles, looks good, found 'Shoestring' connectors and sundry other assorted hardware and software that, being very new to this astro genre, I don't really understand how they all tie together. The other reason that I stepped up to the EQ6 was that knowing myself rather well, (you should achieve that familiarity in your declining years), I will probably want to get a modest 'scope somewhere down the track. Any help for an old bloke with high aspirations and short pockets would be most appreciated. Thanks
  12. I stumbled over this little adapter by mistake when scrolling down on B&H's website. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1092110-REG/sky_watcher_s20550_star_adventurer_ball_head.html I intend to attach a ballhead to it.
  13. Hi , My HEQ5 you beaut deal has fallen on it's proverbial. It had a crook hand controller/PCB and wasn't doing what it should, so it's been returned. I have the opportunity to get an EQ6 at the right price, and was wanting to know if the SynScan upgrade kit for the EQ6 was the same as the one for the HEQ5. Very frustrating, given the clear skies we've been having.
  14. Thank you all very much. I hope I don't drive you all mad with my newbie questions.
  15. I'm very new to this genre so I'd really like to see the stack before the PP began.
  16. Mate, if that's an opportunistic grab with some quick 'n' dirty PP, I'd like to see a shot that you are happy with.
  17. Thanks to all for your help. I think I've found a solution with the iOptron Ball Head and a Sky Watcher Ball Head Adapter. The Adapter fits into the HEQ5 saddle and screws into the ball head. I'll put another screw in the set-up to stop any rotation. iOptron Ball Head Sky Watcher Ball Head Adapter
  18. Thanks for the reply. What do you actually use to attach the camera to the HEQ5, ie plates etc ?
  19. I'm stumbling at the final hurdle, the last bit of the kit. My intention is to mount my normal camera set-up on the mount, which consists of a Markins Q10 and a Wimberley Sidekick, the WS mounts on the ball-head with the ball-head down in the slot, so no droop or flex possible. This is all able to be nicely balanced and gives me the ability to fine tune both laterally and longitudinally. Being in the boonies I can't duck down to my local astro shop 'coz I don't have one, so I have to rely on the internet. I've spent most of today trying to find the appropriate plate but to no avail, and it's doing my head in. When I think I've found something, the mounting profile does not look right. Please, can someone point me in the right direction of a basic dovetail plate to suit the HEQ5 with a hole in it to screw my ballhead onto. I'm all over Arca Swiss systems but the dovetail thing is all new to me.
  20. Mine is a Markins and it doesn't droop at all. I'll post a pic of my rig when I have it all together.
  21. Cheers Sandy. Exactly the info I was hoping for.
  22. Thanks. I must have been using the wrong search terms when 'googling' .
  23. Thanks for the replies. I'd like to know what fuse is in the factory HEQ5 cigarette socket plug.
  24. Hi all, The specs say 11v to 15v DC 2amp (tip positive). I'll be powering it from a 38AH Gel battery. I've asked this question elsewhere and been given conflicting advice. One poster said his mount kept blowing 2amp fuses and he uses 3amp with no problems. Another poster recommended either a 5amp or a 7.5amp fuse which seems a bit high to me, but then I am an electrical dumbo. I don't want to fry my mount motors so I would really appreciate some definitive advice. Thank you in advance.
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