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  1. The way i think of it, is that there is no mirror for the photon to hit... there is nothing to hit... because as far as the photon is concerned everything is at the same point in space. Actually... that is even stranger... Because if time stops for the photon, and everything in the universe is effectively at the same place, then how can you say that the photon is moving? Its a bit silly to say that it is travelling at a speed (light speed) when it no longer travels between two points. If everything is at the same point then it makes more sense to say that light speed is zero. I know i should have paid more attention at school because its too confusing...
  2. einstein worked this out at 16? jeez... I was still trying to work out how to use the washing machine at 16
  3. Im trying to get my head around this... Ive heard it said a few times, on a few programs (i think brian cox said it), that when you're travelling at the speed of light everything occupies the same point. You no longer experience time, so you are effectively occupying every point at once. If that is the case, then what is the difference between that, and the big bang? If you can think of the universe spreading out before you as you slow down from light speed, then that sounds to me like what we are experiencing now.
  4. I might just move house instead. You have to get your priorities in order: telescope first, then everything else after I really want a decent sized scope, so i think i have managed to convince myself that a 6-inch will be fine. Ive had a look at one in real life, and if i go down the gym for a few months and build up some muscles it will be okay Has anyone tried one of those flextube ones? Because ive seen an 8-inch that you can compact up into quite a small size. I might be alright with that on the stairs
  5. i was hoping you would all say the opposite but i know you're right, it's a dumb idea getting a big scope when it's stuck in a room behind glass. i think i might go one size down because i've had a look at the 8-inch in real life and i know i'm going to struggle carrying it up and down the stairs... i can just picture me dropping it
  6. Don't worry... i'm not peering into people's houses, i'm just wondering what kind of results you can expect using a telescope to look at the night sky through an upstairs window. i'm thinking about getting an 8-inch dobsonian but i live in an upstairs flat, so it will basically be a pain to take it downstairs every night (...not impossible, but i can't see me doing it too often). i do, however, have a great window looking out onto the sky. and luckily it's over a load of trees and gardens so there aren't too many lights around either (i have some handy trees shielding me from the other buildings). it's probably a dumb question... but does looking through a glass window effect the image in any way? the only way of opening the window would be to smash it, and I don't fancy doing that!
  7. Okay, so now i feel positively ancient... I'm forty and have just signed up because i'm thinking about getting back into it to. I had a little refractor when i was your age (centuries ago) and now i've got the bug again
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