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  1. Thanks for the welcome and the heads up, I’ll certainly have a look at the Nottingham forum too. It’s good to hear from a local member. I’ll give the outside of the scope and the tripod a wipe down and see what viewing is like, however I seem to have missed the clear nights we had last week. Looking forward to getting back into things. Thanks again.
  2. Hi there! I'm David and wanted to say a quick hello. I've been somewhat dormant in Astronomy for the last 10 years aside from reading the odd magazine from time to time, however the passion has never left. Clearing out my garage last week and I stumbled across my old telescope (Skywatcher 200 Newtonian on a HEQ5 mount) and immediately there was a burning desire to dust it all off and set it up once again. My level of astronomy 10 years ago was still at quite a novice level before the first of my two children came along, which subsequently put pay to that moving forwards really, however I'
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