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  1. Thanks for the posts, I think I'm getting closer to getting it to work. A friend in the field told me to set PHD to 1 sec exposure (I think other cameras use this), I read that for ZWO ASI120MC it should be .05 exposure time. This could explain over exposure. I did a test last night and fould a focus point most of the way along the 1.25 adaptor so I think I should have it soon. BTW the Orion guide scope only cost be $100 AUD, the one made from finder scope could have a problem with back focus? Ric
  2. Hi Alec, Thanks for the tip. I have an Orion Mini 500mm Guide Scope ... looks identical to yours. I took my ED80 with orion 50mm guide scope and ZWO ASI120MC guide camera out this weekend for the first time and I couldn't focus the guide scope (PHD didn't work, I just got a fix pattern on the screen). Do you have pics of the spacer .... I don't recall one there. I hope this is a solution for me. Richard
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