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  1. i would like to thank you all for your valuable advice and i will take note of all that you have said thank you its nice to know there are some great people out there..
  2. AstroMaster 130EQ Model Number: C31045 Specifications - Optical Design: Reflector, Aperture: 130 mm (5.12 in), Focal Length: 650 mm (25.59 in), Focal Ratio: 5, Eyepiece 1: 20 mm (0.79 in) Magnification 1: 32.5 x, Eyepiece 2: 10 mm (0.39 in) Magnification 2: 65 x, Mount: CG-3 Equatorial, Optical Coatings: Aluminium, Weight: 24 lb (10.89 kg) What can I see with this telescope ? Can i upgrade the eyepiece to get a better view of the stars i'm new to this so i know nothing about this stuff can anyone advice me on what's best for a newbie lol . Thanks for your help guy's & gal's...
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