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  1. I was taking images of Pleiades last night and decided to grab some data on Orion before I went home. I only managed six subs before the usual clouds rolled in, but was nicely surprised with them. Modded 550D 200L @ f/2.8 ISO 800 Skywatcher Star adventurer 5 x 2 minutes 1 x 1 minute for the core of Orion. Stacked in CS6 NCarbonis actions Orion, the horsehead and the flame by John Phelan, on Flickr
  2. I shot the moon with a 100mm lens and the landscape with the 16-35mm f4 @28mm. What a fantastic eclipse it was too!! Moon eclipse sequence by John Phelan, on Flickr
  3. Very nice, I haven't tried mine at f/2.8 yet, that's for the next outing!
  4. Nice image and a great job on tidying up the background!
  5. I have magic lantern on my modded 550D and on my 5D3, it's excellent software. Once installed it runs in the background and you wouldn't know it's there until you initialize it, usually by pressing the delete button though I guess this may vary by camera model. Just make sure when you install it you follow the installation instructions to the letter.
  6. Excellent, the detail and colours are super!
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