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  1. Hey everyone, ive not yet had a try of taking a photo of Lovejoy but the thing that im curious about is if i track the comet and take the exposures the stars in the background will have trails. and im wanting to take a photo with the comet and stars in focus. i can either take shorter exposures or take images of the tracked stars and then take some of the comet but then how do i merge them both together is there any software that will help with that. Thanks and hopefully that made sense of what im trying to do
  2. I tried last night at imaging the moon for the first time i can say i really enjoyed myself i usually look at the moon when i set my scope up and think narrr find something better but ive just realised the amount of cool craters and details on the moon. maybe my new Favourite object to look at in the night sky. using an old Logitech webcam that's been bodged could be a better word i got these pictures from about 1000 frames. im going to try using a dslr next time to see if the quality is any better
  3. Cool thank you. ive used sharpcap before and i just couldn't remember the name is there any software out there that will allow me to use my pc to video using my d5100? ive seen the camera control pro 2 but i didn't really want to pay for it
  4. Hi everyone, im just looking for some software to allow me to use my webcam to take a short video of Jupiter but im having trouble finding some. the webcam doesn't have any software available that can be found on the website Thanks
  5. thats a good idea with the moon i will use that also in the future RedDwarf im using a shutter release cable at the moment i used to set them on a timer but its a pain in the Bottom.
  6. Thanks Paul ill give it a try setting it up in a different place, i was on slabs but maybe one of them was loose or something.. i haven't got mirror lock-up on so maybe that will help also.
  7. Hey Everyone, The past few night my images have been gradually getting worse and i think its my collimation but when looking through the collimator it looks ok. so im sure im doing something wrong here. it looks like im getting double stars everywhere the polar alignment looked ok and i used a focusing mask so i know the focus was ok.. ive put some photos up below so any suggestions will be really appreciated Thanks
  8. Just at the title says.. is it possible to get one? with a 1.25 thread
  9. Thanks for the comments and tips ill try and re-stack to today with no darks and see what it looks like. i did spent alot of time stretching the histogram so that might be why. i didn't use a extension Neb i have one but when i use it the camera wont focus it hits the end of the scope before its focused so ive just been using a t adapter straight onto the 150pl
  10. Here is my first attempt at capturing orion on my new mount. for some reason its quite grainy but i did use iso 3600 so that might be the problem, the image is made from: x27 light frames at 30sec x10 dark frames x30 flats x50 bias when the sky clears up i would love to try this again but maybe using iso 800 and 1 min exposure
  11. cool thanks for the info. ive done abit of reading and i think that the d5100 might have the aperture ring inside the camera if im correct and this will cause problems cause its held in place by a spring when the lens it attached so when i take the lens off the aperture closes down.. im trying to find a way around this but it might end up with me going back to canon instead..
  12. Hey Everyone, So i bought a new camera and i only had chance to have a go at imaging some dso last night but ive found a problem and im hoping there is a way round this. first problem was that when i took the lense of my camera Nikon D5100 the camera displays no lense attached. Ok it needs to be in manual ive found to get past this but also when i take the lens off the aperture closes to im guessing maybe f25 ish and its not what im after is there anyway of taking the lens off but keeping the aperture wide open? Thanks )
  13. yeah i do enjoy imaging. im not great but getting there slowly but surely. so how come a alt az isn't recommended for imaging? Thanks for the reply
  14. Hey everyone, at the moment I have got a 150pl mounted on a eq3 pro and alot of the time I’m finding myself bending myself into positions that a contortionist couldn’t even get into just too see through the oddly angled eye piece.. I know, I know, I can just loosen it off and swizzle it round but to be honest I really can’t be assed doing it all the time.. So I thought about getting a new setup with a Alt-Azimuth goto mount and a maksutov telescope.. I just wanted to know peoples idea on this. Is it worth it? Am I going to lose out in anyway? And if I did decide to swap what’s a decent setup that will give me same/close views to what I get now which I’m very happy with. Many thanks in advance
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