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  1. +1 with refund. It could be Tedd Arnold hacking Amazon to boost his royalties.... Perhaps we should form a secret society and use our copies as ID?
  2. Ok Neil, thank you, that was the answer I was hoping for.
  3. And what you are comparing it to... I would be very interested to know how it compares to the original Celestron red dot finder. In particular, how much easier is it to keep the red dot in view while aligning the scope?
  4. Celestron describe it as a reducer/corrector.
  5. I have recently bought the Celestron, which I am very pleased with. However, depending on your reasons for getting one, regardless of make, it may be less useful in a 6" SCT because of the smaller baffle size.
  6. Nebula, If it were me, I would replace them. The electrical contacts usually have a thin coating (just a few microns) of tin or nickel. When the corrosion is cleaned of it is likely the coating will be removed too. Thereafter, the contacts will oxidise more easily and tend to become unreliable conductors. Regards
  7. They look like standard 4 AA battery boxes. In the UK, they are available from Maplin - search for 4 AA battery box. Or from Amazon - search for 4 AA battery holder. Presumably there is no corrosion on the battery clip itself?
  8. Exactly - as a glasses wearer, the SSWs are of no interest to me. The Delos and XWs are much more expensive than the LVWs. The Delites look more tempting, but as with the Morpheus', I will leave it to the early adopters and wait and see. In the meantime, I will buy another LVW...
  9. I have Skysync, it works very well, and takes a lot of fuss out of setting up. I also have SkyQ Link plus tablet running Skyportal, which is an alternative. I prefer Skyportal for ease of use, but the handset + Skysync is more reliable.
  10. Zhao, I ordered mine directly from Opticron, who are the UK agents for Vixen. They told me the LVWs will continue to be made in Japan, and they will continue to supply them in the UK. If you are still interested, I suggest you email: vixen@opticron.co.uk. Their list price for the 1.25" LVWs is £169 (with free delivery in the UK). The SSWs do not appear to be listed on the UK Vixen site, but they are listed on the US Vixen site. If the UK prices are pro rata the US, the SSWs should cost around £220 in the UK.
  11. Hi Zhao, Who told you they were being discontinued? I ask because I have been told they will continue to be made and will continue to be available in the UK. I have just bought the 8mm and am awaiting the arrival of the 22mm next week and the 17mm a couple of weeks after that. Fortunately, I did not have any contamination in the optics of the 8mm, I can only hope the same is true of the 22mm and 17mm!
  12. Both of mine say Plossl fully multi-coated.
  13. The short tube is an extension which goes between the end of the draw tube and the 2" eyepiece holder. I needed to use it to achieve focus with 2" eyepieces.
  14. Within the Celestron range, you might consider the X-Cel LX 9mm or the Luminos 10mm. The X-Cel, the same magnification, should be a noticeable improvement in quality, with a slightly wider field of view. The Luminos, a slightly lower magnification, should be a noticeable improvement in quality, with a much wider field of view. If the seller of the eyepiece is reputable he/she should understand that you really need to try them out to find out if they suit, and be willing to exchange them if they don't.
  15. It took me quite a lot of practise before I became reasonably quick at it. I think the red dot finder is good once you get the hang of it. Avoid sighting stars which are too high in the sky. Do not set the tripod too low. Both of which will have you grovelling on your knees and cricking your neck to look through the red dot finder. Better the children stand on a step/stool to look through the eyepiece. I cheat by using SkySync, which takes the hassle out of entering the time, date, and GPS coordinates. As others have advised it is quickest to use the auto 2 star align, once you can identify two stars. I suspect that if you keep at it, by the time StarSense is available again you won't feel the need for it!
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