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  1. I had to set up all my software from scratch on a new laptop and all is working fine apart from my guiding. I can connect everything, begin calibration which is perfect in W,E and N but the mount refuses to move back S. The scope is balanced. I can move in all directions using Eqmod but the manual guide in PHD won’t let me move in South. I’m using ST4 ( I tried ASCOM pulse but couldn’t get any movement). All my gear is the same configuration as before and I’m running out of ideas. Anybody any ideas?
  2. Not tried a cluster before... This is my first attempt at an HDR image. Combination of 300 and 30 s subs for a total o f 10hrs integration in LRGB. Not a lot of processing a sI felt the image looked better without too much done to it in PI so opted instead for some noise reduction in PS instead. Hope you like it. https://astrob.in/342362/0/
  3. That’s lovely, loads of detail. Might just be my phone but is there a purple tinge?
  4. Thanks Rodd. I do have some issues with the brighter stars (as pointed out by a scientist friend of mine ?) so I’ll need to check my workflow carefully next time.
  5. I don't disagree at all however this is really small in my FOV and i wanted to carry over the detail in the galaxy. This version is a compromise of both
  6. This is my take on this lovely galaxy. 10hrs in total - 4Hrs @ 600s in Lum and 2 each in RGB also @ 600s. Its very small through my set up so the image has been cropped to show some of the detail. Quite pleased with the amount of colour in this shot. Hope you like it - there is another cropped version on Astrobin too. Thanks for looking. https://astrob.in/340960/C/
  7. I do love this galaxy so I had another go at M51 as my last attempt was quite cartoony. Bit more attention paid to sharpening detail and I managed to get all 9hrs in one go which I was happy with although I struggled with the background a bit thistime. 3hrs of 300s inLUm, 2 hrs of RGB at 300s. Processed in PI. Hope you like them. https://astrob.in/340604/0/ https://astrob.in/340605/0/ Edit - they don't look as good on here!!
  8. A more colourful M81/M82. Still not happy but it's better than the other one I posted earlier in the week. This is cropped as i couldn't get rid of a large gradient on the right. Details 72 L, 42 B, 30 each R & G all at 300s. Usual processing with more attention paid to Linear fit and a battle with HDRMLT - I struggled to find a compromise between too sharp and soft - this is what I settled on. Comments welcomed as always! https://astrob.in/337727/0/
  9. No difference before or after. Soon as the sky clears I’ll grab those extra subs and see what different it makes
  10. I thought it had more of a red cast Wim?
  11. Thanks Wim. I use a Moravian G2 8300 with Baader RGBs. I’m thinking the number of subs as well.
  12. Every time I've imaged this there is always much more of a blue colour to the galaxy. I tried the photometric calibration this time and I'mnot sure about the results. Granted, I haven't go as many blue exposures as red and green (24 vs 12) and my exposure lengths are 300s. So, would increasing the exposure lengths improve the colour or simply more exposures? I've included a cropped version too. Comments will be very welcomed!
  13. This is a difficult target for me as my house gets in the way most of the time an it's not been great weather in Cyprus. I was going for 6hrs in the Ha but decided to process what I had. So, 2hrs each of 300s in RGB and 3hrs in HA (7nm). Processed in PI, spent ages combining the data in different ways and settled for this in the end. The starless version was created using Stratto - very good software, does it in 1 click. Comments and criticisms welcomed as always - hope you like them. https://astrob.in/336163/0/ https://astrob.in/336164/0/
  14. Good to know I’m not the only one!
  15. Interested to know thoughts on contrast levels and sharpening. I did two versions using LHE, one with kernel at 64 and one at 150. This is the 150 version.
  16. I know this is frequently shot subject but I haven't had a go for ages. This is my take - 16 x 1200s exposures in one night. Processed in PI with a bit more attention paid to contrast with LHE which I think has given this a more dramatic rather than softer look. Comments welcomed as always, hope you like it. http://astrob.in/330276/0/
  17. Back Yard Observatory - isn't this a common abbreviation or have I just made this up
  18. This is an 8 panel mosaic shot in 7NM HA. Each panel consists of 9 x 1200s giving a total exposure of 24Hrs. Stacked in PI and the mosaic was then constructed in APP with processing done in PI. Shot over several nights in January in between rain showers from my BYO in Cyprus. Hope you like it. Steve
  19. This has taken a while to get as the weather, even here in Cyprus, has been awful. I'm fairly pleased with the end result though. So this is an 8 panel mosaic, 3 hours in each panel taken with Baader 7NM HA filter. Processed in PI and the mosaic constructed in APP. Comments welcomed as always. http://astrob.in/328762/0/
  20. Olly, any thoughts on the 8 pos fw and possible vignetting?
  21. I see IK does the G2 with an external but integrated 8 position FW which accepts 1.25@" filters. Does anyone now what the vignetting would be like with this option and if flats would handle the amount?
  22. Two set ups......now thats a great idea.....said my wife never!!!!!! I am thinking about selling the rig to get a new one with external wheel but not really prepared to buy a whole new filter set (just upgraded the marine fish tank).I do love my Moravian though.
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