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  1. IC1396 in Hubble palette. 10 hours each in Ha, SII and O3. Small noise reduction as the data didn't need much. Gradients removed, not much background so it was quite difficult to do effectively. Combined in PI, colour adjustment in PS then back to PI for final colour tweaks. I left the green in as I prefer the transitions between the colour, SCNR turned everything a bit 2 tone for my liking. Hope you like it! https://astrob.in/409612/0/
  2. This is my take on M13. It's an HDR composition of 300s and 30s subs in LRGB. I did originally have 60s to add in as well but the colour went strange so i left them out. All processing done in PI. Total integration of around 11 hours. Thanks for looking. https://astrob.in/408780/0/
  3. Thanks. Anyone have any comments about the star colours? I'm new to the SW 100 Esprit and I don't think the colours look correct?
  4. This is my take on M101. 36 x 600s Lum, 12 each RGB @ 600s. Processed in Pixinsight. Comments and criticisms welcomed as always. i@v encluded a cropped version too although there seems to be a lot of things going on in the background of the widefield. Link to hi-res below. https://astrob.in/405374/0/
  5. This is my take on these two popular targets. I used 600s exposures instead of my usual 300 to see if it made much difference. Total of 36 x 600s in Lum, 20 each x 600s of RGB. Processed in PI. I have cropped the image to show more detail in the galaxies. Comments and criticism welcomed as always. Link to hi res is below. https://astrob.in/404237/0/ CropV1.tif
  6. Thanks, I've sorted it. I was being silly........... it was really M48 to M48 doh!!
  7. Hi, I'm just setting up my new Esprit 100 which will be attached to my Moravian G2-8300. The flattener has an M66 thread and so does the Moravian. I need an extra 20mm of spacing to meet the required 63mm for the flattener but I can't find anywhere that does them. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Steve
  8. Really nice. What's your process for combining RGB stars with the narrowband image?
  9. This is surplus to requirements. £20 + postage.
  10. HI, I will be selling this package (80)in a couple of weeks when my new Esprit 100 gets here. It comes with a moonlite focuser as well. Message me if you are interested. Steve
  11. Everything as in the pic. Surplus to requirements as I upgraded a while ago. It’s been used on my ED80 and worked really well and could hold my Moravian no problems. £70 plus postage.
  12. Hi. Don’t know if your still looking but if you are, I will have an 80 ED for sale soon.
  13. Another M42........my camera has just returned from being repaired and I have never really had a chance to do this target justice as its on the wrong side of the house so I thought why not? This was also the first target that I have used the Pegasus Astro Focus Cube for its entirety - works like a charm! This is an LRGB HDR image. 54 x 300s in Lum and 18 x 300s in each of RGB. For the core I did 60 x 10s in each. Having never done an HDR image before, I processed each exposure length separately (background modelization and cropping) then combined each exposure in PI. I then did the HDR combine and used HDR multiscale transform for the core - I don't think it's overdone? This was then followed up by usual colour calibration and a spot of TVG denoise. Hope you like it! https://astrob.in/395046/0/
  14. Thanks for the replies everyone. I have gone for the SW Esprit 100 in the end so shouldn't have any issues now. Thanks again!
  15. HI, I have been given permission to get a new Tak as an upgrade from my ED80. I am getting a little put off by optional extras that I think i will need though. I own a Moravian G2-8300 and currently guide through the 9 x 50 scope using a ZWO ASAI1120MC. My mount is an EQ6 on a pier. Can anyone give me a list of what else I will need to get the rig up and running so I have an idea of final costs please? Thanks, Steve
  16. Works perfectly just not compatible with my new laptop so upgraded to a colour version that runs on USB 3. £100 posted. ****SOLD****
  17. Hi Nick, yes I was in two minds. I ran SCNR but to my eye I just preferred the way the colour changed between the blue and green.
  18. This is my take on the wall in the Hubble palette. Taken a while due to bad weather and playing with the new Pegasus Astro autofocuser. It has10hrs in Ha and Sii and around 6 in O3 - all 1200s exposures. Channels processed separately and then stretched to the same levels in PI. Combined in PS with selective colour tool to adjust to Hubble palette.Then Magenta star reduction followed by star erosion to enhance the nebula. Resisted the urge to do more processing as I don't think it needs it. There's a little green running through but I left it in as I think it offers a nice contrast in the colours. Hope you like it. Hi Res version is linked below. https://astrob.in/378241/0/
  19. Correct me if I’m wrong, but won’t there always be issues with the hitec DC focus as it’s not a stepper motor?
  20. Hi thanks for the reply. What I'm really trying to do though is avoid spending another £1000!
  21. Posted this in another area but this may be a better place for it. Hi all, I have a Moravian G2-8300 which I love. When I bought it, I got it with the internal FW which only holds 5 filters. I am becoming increasingly frustrated by having to change the filters out when I do NB (retaking flats) etc. Ideally I would like a bigger FW to hold all the filters but after speaking to Moravian, it is not possible to backwards engineer the camera to do this. I am tempted to buy a OSC (ZWO ASI294 PRo) to do away with RGB filters altogether and keep the Moravian solely for NB. This seems like an expensive option though? Another option could be to sell the Moravian and buy another camera with external FW to hold all the filters but I'm not sure what I would buy to compare to the G2-8300. I'm also concerned about losing quality with a OSC. My wife has said just buy the other camera but I was hoping for some advice before I take the plunge or if anyone has a better solution? Thanks in advance, Steve
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