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  1. I had many a nightmare about getting collimation spot on. The best method I now use to actually use my scope at night and look at objects and enjoy my hobby is as follows. Take three letters, O C D The above letters will take your enjoyment away from your hobby. So never use them.
  2. I take it that it is the same wooden tripod that came with the GPE version?
  3. FLo I can hear your thoughts from here:rolleyes:
  4. Just when I thought that light pollution was possibly going to be taken as a serious issue I read this in the paper. Moon advertising on lunar surface for £28,000 | Mail Online Makes me just want to give up.
  5. When I purchased my 14 in orion uk dob I mentioned to them that I was also buying a roundtable platform. I also mentioned that if they built such things then they would make a "killing" financialy. Their response was very lukewarm, they seemed not to understand how a scope could stay on it without it slipping off.
  6. Why don't you (if possible) set three six feet fence panels ( an incomplete square) near to your house and observe behind them. That way all people will see is three fence panels and not you or your equipment. However please remember the fear of something bad happening to you is often far worse than it actually happening.
  7. My OO base was very stable and very well made. The only issue issue is if it is dismantled it is an absoloute pain in the $%!! to put back together. The screw holes are so accuratley measured that if you are only off my 1mm or so, with the screw, it will not come together. But once it is put together there is no need to dismantle.
  8. Have you actually tried the mount at night? I may have read your post wrong but you give the impression that you are doing a daylight set up. If the above is correct then do a night time set up and then see if you have any issues.
  9. Is there a north hemisphere and south hemisphere button?
  10. Sorry forgot to add they are are laminated.
  11. For star hopping get yourself a telrad and these charts. gettin that combination was the best purchase I made, www.sky-spot.com
  12. I have not seen that before, I like the look of the new polar set up. At first glance I would guess that this mount will have a price tag somewhat higher than the eq6. However I cannot find on the ad what its weight bearing capability is.
  13. Perhaps I have been had over on a very early April the 1st, but I bumped into an old astro buddy and whilst catching up, he told me that Skywatcher were shortly going to announce a six inch APO. Anyone heard this or do I put my clown suit back on:icon_clown:
  14. It must weigh a ton, if the eq6 dec motor is slipping then I hate to say it but you may end up breaking the bank with a Losmandy G11 or above:icon_eek: Are you going to use it for imaging? Sorry to be so nosy but I just wondered why you got a F6. It is a cracking looking scope:icon_salut:
  15. I didnt know you could get this at f6, how much does it weigh?
  16. If there is a 14 inch or even a 16 inch version of this then wow, dark skies here I come.
  17. What sort of detail do you get on planets. We have both owned an oo 14 inch dob, can you give a comparison on how that performed compared to the MAK. I know it is a bit like comparing apples and oranges but it will give me a comparison with a scope I have actually looked through.
  18. That must be really bad news for you. I also had to sell all my stuff due to todays climate, not redundancy but due to my son at uni. Selling these sort of things at the mo is not easy, not many people have much free cash left. However I sold my stuff via astro buy and sell. Stay away from ebay it is full of time wasters who bid and then you never hear from them again. And it costs money to list and sell. If it is seven months old then I would say a fair price would be two thirds of its original cost with perhaps a couple of "extras" thrown in with the price. One thing to be aware of is if you
  19. I was an OO owner who actually "dissed" the scope. But it seems that their service has since improved. Anyway, good point an f15 mak type set up could well be the answer. Has anyone looked through one of them? I would very much like an opinion on optics and build quality.
  20. Thanks, I am leaning towards the spx, rather than the skywatcher. OO scopes are a known entity to me.I.E, I tend to know what will be wrong with them. I have never looked through a skywatcher or seen one at first hand. However cost wise the skywatcher plus an eq6 wll be somewhat cheaper than the OO and an eq6. I would not touch with a barge pole what OO supply as a mount.
  21. I have always tended to lean towards lunar and plantery viewing. Due to my son running out of money at uni I had to bite the bullet and sell my scopes. painful but it had to be done. However I have a bit left over and despite some misgivings with OO I notice that they make an 8 inch f8 spx reflector. In theory this should make a very good yet "reasonably priced" optically high end scope for where my interests lie. Having dealt with OO before I would not mount on what they supply, I would go for the EQ6, but not goto as I know where the moon and planets are. Before I purchase this I would welco
  22. A very good basic guide, however a six inch apo will give a different view to a six inch newt. I have used a 14 inch dob and an 8 inch f20 mak. To my eyes the 8 inch f20 mak gave a better view (bigger and more detailed) than the 14 inch dob. Just something to consider.
  23. I also attempted an astro society but the people within it seemed far removed from myself. They were sort of "Dwain Dibley" characters. If you watched red Dwarf you will know what I mean.
  24. What about Issac Newton headbutting apples?
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