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  1. I'm glad it's not only me - all we get is bats flying around in my back garden, but I must've had about 6 near coronaries last night catching a glimpse of some movement out of the corner of my eye as I looked away from the eyepiece, and I was within 6 foot of my house ! Probably more frightening was the missus shouting at me to "not walk over the carpet with my dirty shoes on" every time I popped back in to get another eyepiece etc.
  2. Very enlightening comments/replies folks - I'm not sure I fully follow all of it, but I think I get the gist (the expansion piece that I was missing, the conceptualisation of infinity (sorry, Ollypenrice, unbounded) within our known frames of reference etc). Glad to see that it sparked some comments and debate, rather than folks just shrugging and saying 'cos it is !'.
  3. I've just got into astronomy with the purchase of my first telescope, and it has got me thinking about the universe etc., and my thought patterns have taken me through the following steps: Assuming that the Big Bang theory is correct, the universe started expanding 13.8 Billion years ago. All the particles of the universe are flying apart, but nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. The most distance any particle can have travelled since the big bang is <13.8 Billion light years. The furthest apart any 2 objects can be in the universe (assuming they travelled in opposite directio
  4. Thanks for the tips on stabilising the 'scope D4N - balanced the tube (which was quite a way off from the balance point), and was already using the tripod without any extension of the tripod legs, and the image at higher magnifications seemed a lot better/more stable last night - shame that some cloud cover meant my viewing time and targets was limited - I guess that's all part of it though !
  5. WOW. Just spent some time looking at Venus and then Jupiter and its moons. I'm hooked ! Definitely need to get my EQ2 motor drive set up, as constant tracking at high ,magnification is a pain. Any tips on scope/ image stability ? I keep having to focus then not touch the eyepiece or scope to get the image to stabilise, refocus when it settles, and repeat this a few times until I have got it in focus. When it does even with the lenses supplied, I can get pretty good clarity, but every time I need to track the scope a little more, I need to wait for the "shake" to subside. I suspect the answe
  6. thanks Calculon. Just checked out Stellarium on my iPad. It looks EXACTLY what I was after for locating planets etc, but as an iPad app will cost me £1.49. Being a tight Northerner, I'll download onto my PC and see how I get on with it before I invest that kind of wedge !
  7. I'm also a new telescope owner (skywatcher 130). Keen to look at planets and the moon. Do I need a moon filter for the latter ? Is there a good source (website etc) that will allow someone with a very limited knowledge of the night sky to locate the planets ? I know there are loads of threads on eyepieces, but is there a good option for planet watching ?
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