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  1. Well I had a brief time out before the clouds came over and kept swapping the un branded 10mm stock EP that came with the scope with the Celestron 9mm and had a look at Jupiter and can honestly say that I didn't see much of a difference. Maybe my stock 10mm was a good make, but I was expecting more from the £60 Celestron. Jupiter was a little bigger with the 9mm, a little bit sharper and the bands were a bit clearer. I might have been expecting a bigger difference (considering the price) but I can honestly say that it wasn't a massive one It might not have been a good night to view and need to do a bit more, but maybe I should have gone for a 7 or 8.
  2. I read the forums after I posted and saw the threads you mentioned. It does appear that I have the same problem as others and the protective cap is very tight and it must have loosened the rubber when I took it off. Good to know that super glue works. Did think about doing that but was worried that it might perish the rubber, or knowing my luck stick my eye to the eye piece Hoping to try it out tonight..
  3. The 9mm x-cel was delivered today and partially clear skies, so might get a chance to try it out. One thing that I'm confused about is that it says that it's got a twist up eyecup, but when I tried to twist it up, it came off. Looks like, it was held down by a little bit of glue and I can't see how it would have twisted up like normal eye cups? Any ideas. I can see a trip to the shop coming this Saturday!
  4. As well as the 9mm celestron x-cel, I've just bought a cheap celestron 2 x Barlow and 4 basic EPs (4 , 8, 12.5 & 20) So I will now have : 4, 8, 9, 10, 12.5, 20 & 25 (and double up with the barlow) I will then replace each cheap piece in time. Hoping for clear skies over the bank holiday weekend.
  5. Thanks I bought the 9mm xcel and was looking at the xcel Barlow, but that's over £70. The skywatcher is around £30. Is that a decent one as barlows go? I don't want to buy good EPs, but then lose the benefit by using a inferior Barlow! Looking at getting a 25mm excel maybe next month and hoping that it will outdo the stock ones
  6. I only started at the weekend, so forgive me for any stupid questions, but how big does jupiter look though the eyepiece with the 6 & 10mm and also with the Barlow?
  7. Very nice. I bought a skywatcher 250px at the weekend and got a good view of Jupiter and the 4 moons with just the 10mm and 25mm eyepieces that came with it, but it still looked very small. Should be getting a Celestron 9mm xcel on Saturday and hoping for better resultsfirst scope at the weekend What eye piece did you use to get the best result?
  8. Looking at some online, I think that the 10mm is a MA. I guess that if you stick to 1 brand of EPs that it's best practice to use the same brand when buying barlows?
  9. The 10mm just say's SUPER 10 and the 25mm WIDE ANGLE LONG EYE RELIEF. No brand names or clue to what they are and the names are on stickers rather than written on the EP, so I am assuming that they are just very basic ones and wouldn't expect them to provide quality ones as part of the package. When I viewed Jupiter on Sunday night with the 25mm, its moons were small dots and Jupiter was a few mm's wide and I could just about make out the bands. With the 10mm is was a mm or so bigger and a bit clearer. Does that sound about right for basic EP's or what I can also expect with the 9mm Celestron?
  10. Thanks for all the advice. I have taken the plunge and just ordered a Celestron X-Cel 9mm and should receive it by the weekend. The first step to a fortune spent on EP's I'm assuming that this will be a lot better than the Super 10mm that came with the scope? I also got a 25mm wide angle long eye relief one with the scope and assume that the 25mm Celestron will out perfom that one?
  11. Might be a stupid question, but how much difference would I see between my stock 10mm EP that came with the scope and say a decent 9mm BST, Celestron or Altair when viewing planets. I'm thinking of buying 1 new EP a month and would like to start with one that will be a lot better than I already have, so would like the first one to give impressive views. Or should I go lower like a 7? Just to clarify, is it lower EPs for planets (10 or less) and higher ones for DSO (25+)?
  12. Kev, I will see if my local shop is willing to let me try a few before I buy and failing that, I will ask someone I know that has a range of pieces if I can borrow some, but I know that some of hers are expensive £100's.
  13. Ronin, Altair is my local shop and I met the guys at a recent star party in Kelling and was intending to buy a more expensive set up (nearly double what I've paid) from them, but decided against it. I know that they do eyepieces and I only emailed them today to say that I would pop in, but they never seem to be open when I go there. Will have a look at the website and see if I can get them online. On a positive note, I got a good look at the moon, Venus and Jupiter last night with my stock pieces that came with the scope (10mm and 25mm) and a hours viewing tonight before the clouds moved in
  14. Ronin, Just re read your original reply about getting a 7, 9, 25 and one in the middle, so it's looking like a £320 spend (eventually) if not more. Might start with a 7, 9 & 25.
  15. Ronin, I see that there is a 2.3mm version of the celestron. Is that one to consider? Also, can I ask why did you go for the BSTs instead of the Celestrons? I see the Celestrons are £80 online so would consider 3 of them, but there are 7 in the range (so many choices)
  16. Hi Kev Thanks for the info. It appears that it's not a case of having just a few EP's then but a multitude to cover all eventualities.
  17. Hi Ronin, Thanks for the advice. More to take into consideration. I would consider 3 or more and am willing to spend a couple of hundred as long as they will cover most viewing needs. As for my comments about wanting to view planets and DSOs, I only wrote that as when I was choosing what scope to buy, people said that it depends what you want to view. I thought at the time that it was a strange question. I live in Aylsham, Norfolk and have been in touch with the club near Wiveton and also have friends who go to one in South Norwich at Seething. The Wiveton one is nearer (30 mins drive) as opposed to the other one (over an hour), but just my luck the nearest one is a very small group.
  18. Hi, I am very new to astronomy and bought a 10" skywatcher dobsonian at the weekend. I am after some advice on what eyepieces to buy. I mainly want to look at planets and deep space objects. I'm completely baffled by the array of different eyepieces you can buy and was wondering if the SkyWatcher Planetary UWA Eyepiece range was any good and what sizes would be good for my scope and what I want to do? I would rather buy cheap ones at this stage and that more expensive ones as time goes by. I would like to buy a couple and assume that there's no point in buying two that are only a mm apart (or am I wrong) and does this depend on what planet / DSO you are looking at? Jason
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