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  1. £2 torch from a leading supermarket and used the red cellophane from a £1 pack of mini babybel. Total cost £3 and I got to eat some cheese ?
  2. 4 out of 5 here this morning as well at around 7. Mercury not quite up yet. Wish I had got up early as perfect blue skies.
  3. I haven't looked at that brand before. Something to consider
  4. Found this on Altair Astro. http://www.altairastro.com/kendrick-eyepiece-box-heater-pad.html
  5. Dave My scope is a 10" skywatcher with a focal length of 1200mm. EPs 5mm Altair Lightwave LER flat field (55 FOV) 7mm. Celestron x-cel LX 10mm unbranded super 10 that cam with the scope 25mm unbranded star guider 27mm BST Flat (53 FOV) 32 unbranded plossl (50 FOV) I also have a really cheap set (Less than a £10) and that has a 4, 8, 12.5 & 20. 2 x Barlow (celestron) 3 x Barlow (Altair ED) I have worked out that by using the 2 x Barlow with what I would consider to be the good EPs (5, 7, 25, 27 & 32) that I have. 2.5 3.5 5 7 12.5 13.5 16 25 27 32 With the 3 x 1.67 2.33 8.33 9 10.67 Wit
  6. I sort of came to the same conclusion on Sunday morning and spent from 4.30 to 7.00 just looking at Jupiter. Most of the time was spend switching EPs, dodging clouds,clearing the dew and going into the garage for a quick warm up. I did notice that occasionally the skies were so clear that even at 3mm I got a very good view and could make out the bands in great detail, but sadly it didn't last that long and by the time I saw the GRS it was getting light, so lost the contrast.
  7. My scope is 10"and I understand the logic of using a lower mag ep and the quality is much sharper with a 5mm, but a bit too small to see the spot. I might not be giving myself enough time to acclimatise to a new piece and keep changing them to get a bigger image.
  8. The 2x Barlow came with the scope, so probably basic, but I also have a 3x as well (from Altair Astro) so most likely a good one. To add more to the mix, I also have a good 27 and 32, so 2 x barlowed will make them a 13.5 & 16 and the 3x makes them 9 and 10.66, so overall I probably do have a good spread already. I have mainly been looking at planets so far, but want to move to DSOs and not sure what I would need. I will need to make a list of what I have.
  9. Focal length is 1200. I was looking at Jupiter sunday morning with a 7 (barlowed to a 3.5) but it was a bit much mag and my 5 was not enough, so I though a 4 would be a good bet. if there isn't much difference between a 4 and a 5, then would you suggest a 9 / 4.5 or a 10 as I don't have anything decent between a 7 and my decent 25! Just trying to get a wide range for all types of viewing.
  10. I seem to be buying a lot of EPs recently and then thinking maybe I should have thought it through. My dilemma is that I want a 4mm for planetery (about the limit for my scope) and a decent 10 for DSO, but already have decent 5 (so no point in getting 10 and barlowing to a 5) Would I be better off getting a 9mm and Barlow to a 4.5 or an 8 and Barlow to a 4? Would an 8 be worth getting considering I already have a 7.
  11. I was thinking the same this morning at 6am when my case was dripping wet and each EP I took out needed wiping. I did try to keep the lid shut when possible, but was constantly in and out of it. Couldn't think of an electrical solution (apart from a hair dryer) so was thinking that maybe something portable that can be heated prior to going out and keeps warm during the session could be fixed inside the lid. It would have to be something flat so that the lid shuts. Ideally the thing can be microwaved (just in case you need to reheat it quickly) so was thinking about a heated pad of some sort. I
  12. Thanks. very helpful comments and the video made it clearer. Will have to search for some others. I assume that once it's all connected and I have the object in sight (say Orion Nebula) that I can't just take a quick photo and expect it to come out like taking a normal photo and that it would need processing (ie on a computer etc) as you menetioned lots of short exposures.
  13. Thanks. I gave it a quick blow dry on a low setting as suggested and it cleared in minutes. Just left with a slightly dirty mirror that has accumulated some dust. Nothing major like a dead fly, so nothing to affect the view too much. When I'm feeling brave, I might give it a clean, but know that isn't easy!
  14. After a very cold session this morning, I am really jealous. Could have been sitting down and having a hot drink. Do you need planning permission for something that size?
  15. I have had my 10" skywatcher (dob mount) since April last year and I know that a dob mount is not ideal for imaging, but would like to do some. I assume that I can't do all the fancy stuff that people post on here, but was wondering how easy it would be to say just connect a DSLR to the scope and take a few quick shots of say Orion Nebula or some galaxies? I assume that I would need to take the lens off the camera and connect it with some sort of ring, but what would I need? Also, (and probably a really stupid question) if the camera is attached to the viewfinder, then how do I magnify the im
  16. I assume just leaving it alone (if I don't use it tonight and give it a chance to thaw out - so to speak) won't harm the mirror if the moisture doesn't go? It's quite a cold garage today.
  17. I had an early morning session with the scope today (very cold) and got in at about 7.30. I left the dust cap off the 10" dob so that the moisture could evaporate, but 5 hours later it is still there. Should I just leave it alone in the cold garage and see what happens (probably will want to use it tonight) or bring it in the house to warm up or take a hair dryer to it? If the hair dryer is the best option, should I lay the scope flat on the dob mount and blow down the tube or blow the hot hair at the mirror end?
  18. I believe that it transits about every 10 hours, so will try and plan a late evening viewing. 480 was a nice size to view, but you are right about the contrast and turbulence. 240 was nice and sharp, just not big enough for my eyesight to make out the spot. My 5mm planetary EP FOV 55 (x240) was good, but just not high enough mag for me. I do have a 4mm (x300) and that was just about the right size and good contrast, but it's just a basic one with little FOV and was hard to keep in view for long. Might need to look into getting a good 4mm, as well as A decent 10mm for DSO. (Could do with win
  19. Finally a question that I can answer on here Just the one scope 2015 skywatcher 250px 10 inch dob (heavy, but not selling it) Think I had a toy one in 1971 if that counts, but can't remember the make!
  20. I'm also in Norfolk (north) and had quite clear dark skies a couple of nights ago and saw m81 & 82 through my 10 inch dob. From what I saw, I would have though it is impossible to see it with the naked eye, but from what others have said, it does depend on a few variables.
  21. Nice report. Worth braving the cold for! Regarding the surrounding fuzzies near M81 & 82, I was looking in that area a couple of nights ago and am sure that I saw a fuzzy very similar to 82, but it was just above Dubhe. I moved the scope up and found 82 and then went back down to the other fuzzy. I am aware that there are a couple of fuzzies below Dubhe but can find one above Any ideas?
  22. Up at 4.30 this morning on a mission to see the GRS. Only a few thin clouds about, but a big bank of thick cloud heading in from the south. Freezing cold and dew formed very quickly. Had a quick hunt around to get my eyes adapted, but so cold that I nearly gave up. Focused my attention on Jupiter and tried a selection of EPs and barlows (trying to find the right magnification for when the spot appeared). Found 240 sharp but small image and 480 about the right size, but magnification to high for much detail. At about 6am I had a couple of minutes at 480 when the image was so sharp that I cou
  23. I guess I was concentrating to much on trying to find the right EP and didn't give myself the chance to look at it long enough with each EP. Looks like a new 10mm might be on order soon.
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